Gay man named Navy Spouse of the Year


Brian Alvarado, husband of U.S. Navy servicemember Matthew Alvarado, has been named Armed Forces Insurance’s “Navy Spouse of the Year,” the first same-sex spouse named as a branch winner in the program’s 11-year history.

The Alvarados are stationed at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego.

Armed Forces Insurance’s “Spouse of the Year” program is intended to honor “the dedication and sacrifices of our nation’s more than 1.1 million military spouses.” Military Spouse magazine partners with Armed Forces Insurance to recognize military spouses from all six branches of the Armed Forces who are “making a difference in their communities.”

According to a press releases from Armed Forces Insurance and Military Spouse magazine, “As a male military spouse in a same-sex, interracial marriage, Alvarado’s recognition illustrates to the world that our military community is a strong, supportive, diverse and resilient community. Like other branch winners, he was nominated for his work in the community as a U.S. naval ombudsman at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center and volunteer work with Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Network.

“In his role as an ombudsman, he reports to the command leadership and acts as a liaison between the command and the families of the sailors who serve on base. He is also very passionate about his work with Hiring Our Heroes, working to improve the nationwide 16 percent unemployment rate within the military spouse community both on a local and national level.”

The press release notes that Alvarado was named the 2016 Naval Base Coronado Base Spouse of the Year, and has since “lead the conversation on equality within the military community and looks to further promote the Department of Defense’s Equality Initiatives.”

Brian Alvarado said, “It is the honor of my life to be a military spouse and to stand proudly next to my husband as he serves our great nation in the United States Navy. The work we do to lift up, support and improve the lives of our military community is a very important part of my life.

“The LGBT community fought hard for equality, both in service to our nation and for marriage equality,” he continued. “The important thing to remember is that with that equality comes the responsibility to engage, support, and give back to the military community as a whole. We are stronger together.”

As a branch winner, Alvarado now moves a step closer to being named the overall 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. Nominations from non-family members were accepted Jan. 2-31 across all six branches of the United States military. Through a combination of popular vote and judging panels, the nominees have been whittled down to branch winners and after a final vote conducted on March 2 the overall winner will be announced at the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore (USO-Metro) Annual Awards Dinner in Washington D.C. on May 10.

“Armed Forces Insurance has been a part of the Military Spouse of the Year program for nine years and we congratulate the amazing branch winners who are working tirelessly to make their communities better,” said Lori Simmons, chief marketing officer and vice president, Marketing & Corporate Communications at Armed Forces Insurance.

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BookQuoteWednesday! #BookQW


It’s BookQuoteWednesday! #BookQW This week’s word was “BREATH”. Are sexy men in uniform your thing? Then check out Connor and Shawn in Hunted Soldier!


BLURB: The hunters become the hunted when the past returns to haunt Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller with deadly vengeance. In the wake of the harrowing missions in India and Pakistan, Connor struggles to come to terms with causing the accidental death of a child, while Shawn tries to put Julian’s betrayal behind him.

Adding to the emotional fallout, new trials arise – the appearance of a young man from Connor’s past turned stalker may have fatal consequences for him, while Shawn must confront his former heroin addiction and break free of the hold it still has on him.

The challenges continue when a Shadow Unit undercover op in Bangladesh to shut down the pipeline of terrorists being smuggled into the UK draws Shawn and Connor into a web of lies and deceit from a man hell bent on exacting revenge on the two soldiers – demanding a life for a life.

Will Connor and Shawn survive? Or will the jungle become their final resting place?

Don’t miss Connor and Shawn’s previous missions in BROKEN SOLDIER and ROGUE SOLDIER, plus the holiday short story SNOWBOUND SOLDIERS! Available now!

58,400 words

FIRST PLACE 2017 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner

PRG Reviewer’s Choice award WINNER!


I’m proud to announce that Hunted Soldier has taken FIRST PLACE in the PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards for the LGBT category of Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure! And the entire Shadow Unit series took SECOND PLACE! ★ AMAZON: ★ BLURB: Meet Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller – elite covert ops soldiers with Shadow Unit – a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

Connor and Shawn’s harrowing missions take them across the globe from London to Kuala Lumpur to India to Pakistan to Bangladesh. Fighting to stem the flow of ever-increasing terror attacks and to protect innocent civilian lives, they battle arms dealers, drug smugglers, biological weapon threats, and a madman hell-bent on revenge, facing death at every turn. Their private lives are fraught with struggles as well, both Connor and Shawn battling personal demons from their past that threaten their future.

Amidst a backdrop of guns, bloodshed and violence, Connor and Shawn’s love and dedication for one another never wavers, standing resolutely side by side, drawing strength from each other to continue their never-ending fight.

Don’t miss Connor and Shawn’s missions in BROKEN SOLDIER, ROGUE SOLDIER, HUNTED SOLDIER and the holiday short story SNOWBOUND SOLDIERS! Available now!



BookQuoteWednesday! #BookQW


It’s BookQuoteWednesday! #BookQW. This week’s word was “LOVE”. Check out Matthew and Daniel’s struggle to find love in the wake of a tragedy in Darkness Falls!


BLURB: Matthew Tucker is a successful actor on a hit television show, his career on the rise. Life is good. What more could he want? Daniel Westman, that’s what – his co-star and close friend for the last two years.

Matthew desires more than friendship with Daniel, though, his attraction for the other man growing day by day. So much so that Matthew gives up the safety and security of his current long-term relationship for the slimmest chance of a relationship with Daniel, feeling there’s something between them, just under the surface. And he was gambling his happiness on it.

But months go by, with Matthew suddenly afraid to go forward, to make the first move, to tell Daniel he was falling in love with him. Because if he was wrong, and Daniel was just being his natural charming self and Matthew was looking too deeply into it…he’d lose his best friend.

So instead Matthew longs for his friend in silence, until an accident on set may leave Daniel permanently blind. With his friend hurt, scared and confused, his life possibly forever altered, Matthew never wavers from Daniel’s side, no matter how difficult it gets.

His dedication brings them closer than ever before , but is it possible to find happiness, and love, in the wake of a tragedy? Or has Matthew’s hesitation cost him that chance and he’ll lose Daniel to the darkness instead?

Voting for the Reviewer’s Choice Awards has begun!

PRG 2017 RCA Nominee

Voting for the PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards has begun! Here are the 4 categories I’m nominated in if you’d like to vote for me:

LGBT – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure : Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3)

LGBT – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure (SERIES) : Shadow Unit Series

LGBT – Novellas and Shorts : His Fragile Heart

LGBT – Literature & Fiction/Historical : Out of the Shadows

I’ve never won an award, so this would mean the world to me! Thank you all so much for your support!

I’m a Reviewer’s Choice Award nominee!

PRG 2017 RCA Nominee

Many thanks to the Paranormal Romance Guild for my FOUR nominations in the Reviewer’s Choice Awards! My books Out of the Shadows, Hunted Soldier and His Fragile Heart along with the entire Shadow Unit series are in the running! Voting begins next week. I’ll be sure to post the link here for all of you!

LGBT – Literature & Fiction
Out of the Shadows

LGBT – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure
Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 3)

LGBT – Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure (SERIES)
Shadow Unit Series

LGBT – Novellas and Shorts
His Fragile Heart