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eBook review – Facing the Music by Sue Holston


Sex, drugs and rock and roll – this book has them all.

Graham thought he’d landed his dream job as a reporter that would take him to the big time – spend a month on the road with the hottest band out there, the Texas Madmen, giving a behind the scenes look.

But Graham quickly learns that his reporter instincts clash with his personal ethics as the Texas Madmen take him into their fold. Especially Ethan, with his own secret, who Graham is instantly attracted to.

There are a lot of characters in this book – Graham, Ethan, Nate, Lars, Casey and Aiden. And they all have personal demons. I was impressed with the author’s juggling ability to tie all of these personal stories together in a way that affected each and every character in some way. But at the same time making sure to keep Ethan and Graham’s relationship front and center.

And that’s what this book is all about – Ethan and Graham. I enjoyed watching their relationship go from antagonist to passionate lovers and all of the trials and hardships in-between and afterward. My favorite stories are the ones where love doesn’t come easy, but triumphs in the end and this one delivers. (And bonus points for the many steamy love scenes!)

Facing the Music gets two thumbs up from this reader!

You can buy Facing the Music at Amazon HERE

New eBook – rolling right along!

Just got the cover art request form from Dreamspinner yesterday for my new eBook, Memory’s Prisoner. Woot! I’m excited!

They had a pretty detailed questionnaire for me, which I was impressed with. I’m glad that they want to make the cover as close to what the author wants as possible. They even had links to m/m photographers they work with for me to select images from if I wanted. They also have two illustrators and a painter on staff if I want a hand-drawn cover.

This will be a different experience for me, since I designed my previous four eBook covers. I did send them a design I’d come up with myself, as they said I could send reference images. Hopefully they’ll be able to come up with something similar. Or they could completely surprise me and design something even better!

So now I’m eagerly anticipating both a cover and my edits!