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4.5 STAR review for Broken Soldier!


The great reviews for Broken Soldier continue! Many thanks to Tammy Smith at Love Bytes Reviews!


Broken Soldier is all about two dedicated soldiers Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller. Connor and Shawn have worked together for the last four years working covert ops for Shadow Unit – a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force and for the last five months their relationship has moved from friends/co-workers to lovers.

Connor and Shawn have been assigned to take down an arms dealer the only problem with that is the fact that Shawn has to literally get into bed with the enemy. To make sure the arms dealer doesn’t suspect anything Shawn has to take over the position of boyfriend/submissive of Yong Jae Chan, the local Chinese Triad leader. Yong prefers to go by “Jae”, Jae is just about the most ruthless arms/drug dealer in the Philippines. Whilst Shawn is cosying up to Jae, Connor has to get himself hired as a bouncer in Jae’s club, Club Pelangi, the top gay club in Chinatown. This turns out to be a far easier job than anyone thought and by the end of their first visit to Club Pelangi both Connor and Shawn are in their respective undercover positions.

The heartbreaking things Shawn has to do to gather the information to bring down Jae are not for the faint of heart. He has to partake in the drugs that are always on offer, although Jae uses them to control his “boyfriends” they are generally always there! Shawn also has to pretend to enjoy participating in sex with not only Jae but anyone Jae wants to see Shawn with. It doesn’t take long for Shawn to become addicted to heroin, always looking for his next fix and admittedly using it as a way to escape from what he is essentially being forced to do for the “job”.

While Shawn is falling further under the influence of the lifestyle of being an arms/drug dealer’s boyfriend, Connor has to watch him knowing exactly what Shawn is having to do to stay alive and knowing there isn’t a thing he can do to help him. In the end it comes down to whether Connor and Shawn can overcome their respective demons and come out the other end still together and still very much in love with each other!

If you’re a lover of military, gay romance story’s then this is definitely the one book you have to read but be warned this book is not a fluffy love story. This is a look at the dark side of life, there is a lot of drugs, alcohol, murder and rape so if you are sensitive to these topics please, just be aware that this book is full of them.

RATING:  LoveBytes_4.5Hearts




Another 4 STAR review for Broken Soldier!


Many thanks to Molly Lolly for the wonderful 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

“This book was so good and I really enjoyed it. Right from the start Connor and Shawn are in the middle of the deep end and your heart starts pounding because you can tell it’s not going to be easy catching the bad guy. These two were already together at the beginning of the story, though it hadn’t been for long. That tension of will they and their relationship survive is threaded throughout the story and it creates a tense atmosphere that is wonderful to read. Watching the bad guy get away with so much is so powerful to read and you can feel how it affects Shawn the longer he’s undercover.

The pacing is a bit quick where the total time in the story from start to end is roughly two and a half weeks. Though the toll it takes on Shawn and Connor it certainly feels longer for them because of the hurdles it forces them to overcome. I felt like an undercover operation of the magnitude I was lead to believe it was, should have taken longer. Granted much of the operation already happened at the start of the story. But the actual under cover aspect needed to be longer. I do get why it wasn’t because the redemption part of the story would have had to be longer as well due to circumstances Shawn dealt with while undercover. I really enjoyed Ms. Miller’s writing style and hope to read more of her books in the future.”


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Spotlight on: Burnin’ for You!


My favorite backlist ebook, Burnin’ for You, about my sexy fireman and paramedic, is the Spotlight feature today at Crystal’s Many Reviews!


Lucas Taylor is a hard-working New York City fireman at Station 127, dedicated to his job, even though it has brought him heartrending tragedy – the loss of his lover, Ryan, in an explosion a year ago. Evan Singer is the new guy in town, a paramedic transferred into Station 127 from San Antonio, and he sets his eyes on Lucas from the get-go.

Neither knowing who the other is, their first meeting is explosive, a night of passion and desire that awakens something inside Lucas he never thought he’d feel again. But when Lucas discovers that Evan is a paramedic, it all comes crashing down. For despite the feelings he has for Evan, Lucas has vowed to never again get involved with someone on the job, after losing Ryan to it.

Can Evan convince Lucas to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Evan is?

Includes the sequel WHERE THERE’S SMOKE:


It’s five months later and Lucas is nearly a full-fledged paramedic. But becoming a medic means no longer being able to work with Evan at Station 127 and giving up his chance at a promotion to Lieutenant. As graduation looms, will Lucas change his mind? Then add in a young man Lucas rescues from a fire that becomes an obsessed stalker, and Evan’s altercation with a victim’s husband that threatens his career, and things turn explosive at the FDNY.

Another 5 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

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Received a lovely 5 STAR review of Broken Soldier at Goodreads!

Raj‘s review


it was amazing

Read in March, 2016

This book is an accurate portrayal of how far one man sinks into depravity to save the lives of many at the risk of his life & his relationship with a soldier he calls his lover. Definitely worth reading. Beware though this is quite a dark read.


Wonderful 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

Broken Soldier Book cover

Got a fantastic 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier on Amazon tonight!
on April 22, 2016
Warning: Dark Read, Drug Use

This book was quite amazing despite it being a dark read. I don’t read these type of books on a regular basis but every once in a while the blurb catches my eye and I just have to read it. This was one of those.

This story was exceptional in its writing and in its plot. The author was able to make it a very convincing story and I couldn’t wait to read what came next. I can’t believe this is the first book I’ve read by this author. I immediate had a connection with Conner and Shawn and sometimes I cried for the situation Shawn was going through. Conner was clearly the rock that Shawn depends on and I was glad that Shawn had someone to hold and help him through the dark times. Jamie Lynn Miller was able to take this type of a story make it believable and most of all have an HEA in the end. This was an excellent book and would definitely recommend it.

One more 5 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

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Received another wonderful 5 STAR review today on Amazon!

Format: Kindle Edition
I have read quite a few of Jamie Lynn Miller’s book and have loved each of them but I have to be honest and say this has to be my favorite one so far.

This story was so realistic that it was easy to forget that it was just a fictional story and was more like reading about what happened in someone’s real life.

When I say it was realistic I really felt that Connor and Shawn having to go undercover for this mission to bring down Jae and his associates felt real. I could picture all of the things that Shawn went thru with this mission from having to do things he normally would never consider such as doing drugs to having to sleep with Jae even when it occurred in front of his true partner, Connor. I could also feel the pain that Shawn had to go through with withdrawals from the drugs to the pain he felt for doing all the things he had to do during the mission that he was not proud of and how he felt like he was not strong or courageous even though in my eyes he was more so then most would have been in his situation.

Connor was a true rock through all of it. He was there for Shawn every step of the way and gave him strength when Shawn did not feel that he had any. Even with this being a mission and having to do the things that Shawn had to do, most men would hold that against their partner but Connor is not like that and never blamed or held it against Shawn for the things he had to do or endure through the whole process. Even when it ate at him having to watch Shawn out himself thru everything he still loves him and believed in him. And I believe that if it had not of been for Connor, Shawn would have let himself been swept away in everything that was happening. Connor was his strength and kept him fighting thru it all till the very end.

Jamie Lynn Miller did a superb job on this book and I have to say that this book is at the top of my list on my favorite books that I have read recently. I know that this book will stay with me for a while and I will not forget it any time soon. Amazing book and a must read.