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Author Spotlight – Lexi Ander with Death Mask



A huge thank you to Jamie for hosting me on the blog today. My new release, Death Mask, came out on November 9th. It’s a part of the Roughhouse Raiders collection from Less Than Three Press. Today I wanted to talk about the characters and why I chose the theme of death.

I went through a phase shortly after my father passed away on November 12, 2014, and I became obsessed with building a world that explained the how and whys of death. I love ancient history where the origins of thought and religion usually goes hand in hand with a culture’s rise and fall from power.

I’m guessing that you won’t be surprised that I fixated on the grim reaper. It’s hard to describe what I was doing as I read through all kinds of reference material on the subject. The search was very much an act of dealing with and excising my grief. In the process, I ended up creating an origin story for angels of death. I needed to take them away from being “bad” and placing them in a better light. In order to do that, I had to understand today’s view and how it evolved. I’m not one who believes in angels, mostly because I know the history of their emergence into the different cultures, but I found comfort in the philosophy behind them.

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