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FREE Chapter Read – His Fragile Heart!

Heart cover FINAL

For the next several days I’ll be doing a FREE CHAPTER READ of each of my books. Next up is His Fragile Heart. Keep reading to get to know Nathan and Justin…

Do you believe in the power of love, even after death? After losing his lover in a car accident two years ago, actor Nathan Marshall wasn’t interested in another relationship. Until he meets waiter Justin Kowalski. Something about him seems so familiar that Nathan is instantly drawn to the younger man. Surprised at his capacity to love again, his relationship with Justin blossoms. But then an unbelievable truth is revealed – one that could break both their hearts for good.



Nathan hadn’t had so much fun in a long time. It was two days later, Saturday night, and he and Justin were on their first date together. After the initial awkwardness of first-date jitters, they settled into easy conversation together over dinner, enjoying their meals and each other’s company.

The more time Nathan spent with Justin the harder he fell for him. Justin was just so bright and alive, a ray of light into Nathan’s life that had been dark for so long.

Justin talked with those large hands of his and his laugh was infectious. Nathan wondered what it would feel like to have Justin’s hand cupping the side of his face, Justin’s lips pressed softly against his own. And Nathan again marveled at the fact that he was able to feel any of this again after Mark’s death. There really was something special about Justin, to bring out these feelings in him again, and he hoped Justin was sensing the same connection.

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FREE Chapter Read – Memory’s Prisoner!

memorys-prisoner-final big

For the next several days I’ll be doing a FREE CHAPTER READ of each of my books. Next up is Memory’s Prisoner. Keep reading to get to know Mitch and Joey…

Detectives Mitchell Reid and Joseph Valentino of the Chicago Police Department have finally moved from friends to lovers, partners on the job and off. Then an escaped bank robber with a thirst for vengeance shatters their world. The police tactical raid to recapture the convict goes horribly wrong, leaving Mitch severely wounded and Joey with a devastating head injury. They both survive, but Joey’s long-term coma and memory loss will change their lives – and love – forever.



An hour later Mitch was transferred to a gurney and wheeled downstairs to an exam room where Dr. Cohen was waiting. He was given a local anesthetic to reduce the pain as the rods holding the brace to his leg were disengaged.

“Now remember, Mr. Reid,” Dr. Cohen said. “This doesn’t mean you’ll be running a marathon tomorrow, as much as you might want to. I don’t even want you bending your leg until your physical therapist stops by to see you in your room a bit later. Understood?”

Mitch just nodded, not really hearing what she was saying, instead watching as first the metal contraption and then the bandages were removed and he got his first, unimpeded look at his leg.


That was the first thought that popped into Mitch’s mind. He knew he was overreacting, knew the doctors had done a miraculous job and had saved his leg, knew the scars wouldn’t be as noticeable with time. It was just a shock to see what kind of damage had been done.

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FREE Chapter Read – Out of the Shadows!

Out of the Shadows cover KINDLE

For the next several days I’ll be doing a FREE CHAPTER READ of each of my books. Next up is Out of the Shadows. Keep reading to get to know Shane and Tyler…


For K-9 Officer Shane Walker, transferring from the Tulsa police department to the elite L.A.P.D. was a dream come true. He nearly forgets he’s in Hollywood until he responds to a 911 call that brings him to the home of actor Tyler Donovan.

It appears that Tyler has it all – a career that’s on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down.

Can Shane help Tyler break free of a life he’s convinced he deserves before it’s too late, and in the process help them both find love?



A small smile played across the face of 28 year-old L.A.P.D. officer Shane Walker as he gazed out the open passenger side window of his squad car. Life is good, he thought as he breathed in the warm California air, the bright lights of Hollywood illuminating the night sky all around him. Shane let the small smile turn into a full fledged grin. Tonight marked the accomplishment of a goal it had taken him months to achieve – his last day of field training. Come Monday morning he’d be on his own as a K-9 patrol officer, this time for the Los Angeles Police Department.

It’d been a long road to get here, a long way from the Tulsa Police Department K-9 division where Shane had gotten his start in law enforcement three years ago. Shane was proud to wear the police uniform of his hometown, but it had always been his goal to work for the elite L.A.P.D. So when he heard about the opening in their canine unit, he had immediately put in for a transfer.

That was six months ago. During that time Shane had gone through a rigorous interview process and psychological screening before being accepted, along with his partner Chase, into the L.A.P.D. After that it was packing up and leaving home, leaving his family, and entering into the academy for 18 more weeks of training. Even though Shane was already a cop, he needed to learn the way the L.A.P.D. wanted things done. It was hard work, more like boot camp than anything, but Shane excelled, graduating at the top of his class.

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FREE Chapter Read – Burnin’ for You!


For the next several days I’ll be doing a FREE CHAPTER READ of each of my books. Next up is Burnin’ for You. Keep reading to get to know Lucas and Evan….

Lucas Taylor is a hard-working New York City fireman at Station 127, dedicated to his job, even though it has brought him heartrending tragedy – the loss of his lover, Ryan, in an explosion a year ago.

Evan Singer is the new guy in town, a paramedic transferred into Station 127 from San Antonio, and he sets his eyes on Lucas from the get-go.

Neither knowing who the other is, their first meeting is explosive, a night of passion and desire that awakens something inside Lucas he never thought he’d feel again.

But when Lucas discovers that Evan is a paramedic, it all comes crashing down. For despite the feelings he has for Evan, Lucas has vowed to never again get involved with someone on the job, after losing Ryan to it.

Can Evan convince Lucas to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Evan is?



Lucas’s next shift was two days later, following Station 127’s “24-hour-on / 48-hour-off” shift schedule. He’d thought being away from Evan for those two days would help, that he could get a handle on his feelings for the other man and push them away, bury them deep and get on with his life.

But his efforts were in vain, with Evan invading his thoughts more than once throughout those two days, at night especially as he lay in his bed, helpless to stop the dreams that replayed last Saturday and Sunday.

So instead of walking into the station for his next shift with a clear head, able to look Evan in the eye, confident in his decision to end things between them before they really had a chance to get started, he instead did his best to once again avoid the young medic.

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FREE Chapter Read!

Broken cover 6x9 SMALL

For the next several days I’ll be doing a FREE CHAPTER READ of each of my books. First up is my latest release – Broken Soldier. Keep reading to get to know Connor and Shawn….and then stay tuned for Rogue Soldier – to be released soon!

Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller are dedicated soldiers working covert ops for Shadow Unit — a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

Partners in the field and out, they had been through hell together for the last four years and made it through standing side by side. But when their latest undercover op to bring down an arms dealer plunges them into a world of drugs, sex and violence, Shawn must literally get in bed with the enemy in order to complete the mission. And Connor is forced to watch, helpless, as his partner is broken into pieces.

Will love be enough to put them both back together or will this be their final mission?

WARNING: Contains scenes of drug use, graphic sex and realistic situations


With a quiet groan, Connor blinked open his eyes in the morning, squinting against the sunlight. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and rested his head in his hands. He’d hoped that after Shawn had gotten through the cold sweats he’d be able to sleep through the night. But instead he’d been restless, moving about, mumbling in his sleep, keeping Connor awake as well. He’d almost gone and slept on the couch, to give Shawn more room, but was afraid that his partner might need him again. So he’d stayed. What little sleep he did get was plagued by nightmares, of him and Mandy arriving too late at Chan’s house and finding Shawn, unable to revive him. Of holding his lifeless body in his arms and screaming.

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The Writers Police Academy – Part Five

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On the last day I took Fire 101 and Fingerprinting, both of which were really, really informative, plus Tactical EMS, focusing on how to use different types of tourniquets. We put them on dummies and ourselves. Our last “test” was to go inside a “smoke” filled room with loud music and a strobe light and find our “victim”, assess his injuries and apply tourniquets. It was really cool! But man, I wasn’t expecting the dummy to have no legs AND be moving! Freaked me out! And there was water squirting out to simulate blood and it would only stop if we applied the tourniquets correctly. I partnered up with my friend Venona and we rocked it!





And that was my experience at the WPA this year! I do have to say that I liked the facility in Appleton last year more than the facility in Green Bay this year. It was just so much easier to navigate. But the classes themselves and the instructors were just as top notch as last year’s. If you don’t come away with a notebook full of information, you’re doing something wrong. 🙂

The Writers Police Academy – Part Four

Final Logo

The academy students at the facility put on a fantastic simulated mass stabbing incident for us on Saturday morning. They asked for people who knew first aid to come and help and my friends Sarah (on the left in green) and Vickie (on the right in orange) jumped up and ran down.


I don’t have any photos of my second favorite class because it was pitch dark in the room. It was the Shoot/Don’t Shoot scenarios. There were only two of us for some reason, so they had a lovely gal named Deborah and I partner up, which was actually really cool. We had 45 minutes and ran through a ton of different scenarios. And we did really well! The academy students who were running it praised us and said we were their favorite group so far. We didn’t make one error in judgement and took all the bad guys down! Just call me Dirty Harriet. 🙂

Continued in Part Five!