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Rogue Soldier excerpts


Did you miss a stop along the way during my blog tour last week for Rogue Soldier? If so, you’re in luck because I’ve gathered up all six exclusive excerpts for you to read right here!


“Bloody hell!

Sergeant Connor Finley swore as he ducked behind the crate a split second before a spray of bullets slammed into it, sending shards of wood flying toward his face. This op had gone both pear shaped and sideways and he needed to get control of it. Immediately. Shadow Unit only had one chance left.

Connor began running through possible scenarios as fast as his brain could process them just as their target let loose with another barrage of automatic gunfire, the muzzle flash lighting up the night.


Connor glanced to his left as his partner cursed and hunched over behind his own crate. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Connor idly thought that someday soon he’d keep a tally of how many times Shawn Weller actually said the word “fuck” in a twenty-four hour period. Did they teach him that back in his Navy SEAL days?

Shawn’s gaze flicked to the house and back. “We need to do something,” he said. “He’s the last one left.”

Connor clenched his jaw, the muscle jumping. As if he needed another reminder. “I know, I – ” he began but cut himself off as his comm crackled to life. A split second later the gruff voice of his commanding officer was in his ear.

“Shadow One. Alpha. Send sit-rep,” Lieutenant Colonel David MacDonald demanded in his Scottish brogue.

“Shit,” Connor spat, banging his head back against the crate. He ran a hand over his face then responded. “Alpha. Shadow One. We have one target remaining,” Connor reported back. There was a long pause and Connor could picture the scowl on MacDonald’s face from where he sat at the communications desk back at the hub, five miles away.

“Need I remind you we need him alive, Sergeant?” MacDonald finally responded.

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Rogue Soldier blog tour – final stop!


Folks, I saved the best for last on my blog tour – my fantastic, in-depth interview with Gareth Owens where we talk research, cats & dogs, fan fiction and true love. 🙂 Not to mention Gareth’s fabulous reviews of both Broken Soldier and Rogue Soldier! Exclusive excerpts, too! Please stop by and take a read!


Broken Soldier blog tour – Day 5

Broken Soldier Book cover


It’s the last day of my blog tour! Many thanks to Sandra Harden and My Fiction Nook for hosting me today and helping me promote my new release! Please stop by to read my interview, the final exclusive excerpt and enter my giveaway! All of the excerpts are in chronological order, so follow along with Connor and Shawn’s journey!