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It’s MY birthday but YOU get the gift!

It might be MY birthday today, but here’s a gift for all of YOU – a holiday themed snippet I wrote that takes place immediately after the end of Memory’s Prisoner…



An indistinct noise pulled Joey from his deep and restful sleep. Eyes still closed he stretched languidly, feeling the pleasant ache in his muscles. He smiled to himself as he remembered just why his body felt so heavy and sated.


After being apart for so long they were unable to get enough of one another, making love off and on for hours before finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The noise came again and Joey furrowed his brow. It sounded like…sleigh bells? In July? He rolled over, blinking opening his eyes into the near darkness of the bedroom. He automatically reached for Mitch but his hand encountered nothing but cool bed sheets. He sat up then, confused, as the sound of movement downstairs caught his attention.

Joey turned to kneel on the bed, facing the headboard, the sheet falling away from his naked body. He peered over the half-wall of the upstairs bedroom to look down onto the main living area of the loft, searching for Mitch. The overhang obscured part of his view of the living room but he could see the glow of the Christmas tree, painting the loft in soft multi-colored hues, illuminating the scattered remains of his Welcome Home party the night before.


From Joey’s perspective he’d only been gone for eight weeks. And that was long enough. But the reality, which Mitch had lived through – was that Joey had been gone for two years.

Curious as to what Mitch was doing, Joey slipped on his boxers and padded down the stairs, stopping halfway at the sight that greeted him. He clapped his hand over his mouth in a feeble attempt to stop the laugh that bubbled up. There was Mitch on his hands and knees on a blanket in front of the Christmas tree, dressed in nothing but a pair of skin tight red boxer briefs…and a Santa hat. With a jingle bell on the end.

Joey’s laugh caught Mitch’s attention and he straightened up, dropping the gift in his hand as Joey walked over and kneeled down next to him.

“What are you doing?” Joey smiled.

Mitch shrugged, grinning. “I didn’t have a chance to put out your gifts last night. I’ve got a couple years to make up for.”

Joey’s voice went soft. “I don’t need presents, Mitch. When I woke up and found you there, still waiting for me after all those years…that – “ his voice broke. “That was the greatest gift you could’ve ever given me.”

Mitch cupped Joey’s face with his hands. “I love you,” he whispered, heartfelt. “I would have waited forever.” Then he was kissing Joey soft and slow for long minutes.

When they eventually moved apart Mitch guided Joey’s left hand to the waistband of his red boxer briefs, leering playfully at him. “Would you like to unwrap this gift at least?”

Joey slipped his hand inside without hesitation, grinning widely at Mitch’s gasp. “Merry Christmas to me,” he chuckled as he toppled them both down onto the blanket.


Interested in what came before?


Detectives Mitchell Reid and Joseph Valentino of the Chicago Police Department have finally moved from friends to lovers, partners on the job and off. Then an escaped bank robber with a thirst for vengeance shatters their world. The police tactical raid to recapture the convict goes horribly wrong, leaving Mitch severely wounded and Joey with a devastating head injury. They both survive, but Joey’s long-term coma and memory loss will change their lives – and love – forever.



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Interview With M/M Author Gina X Grant

Check out this fantastic interview with my friend Gina Grant!


Today’s awesome interview is with the lovely and highly decorated m/m Bestselling author Gina X Grant a.k.a Storm Grant. She’s been on the top 10 on the Amazon best Gay & Lesbian Action Adventure List and has garnered a 5-STAR review from USA TODAY as well as a winner of the prestigious Bookie Award for Best YA of 2013; you’d be crazy not to read her works!

What about m/m fiction attracted you to write it?

Like many others, I first came across m/m fiction while reading fanfic. The fandom was Highlander, as I recall. Yes, Dundan/Methos. Baby’s first pairing. I loved the m/m dynamic and still do. In many (not all, of course) m/f romance novels, the author really has to work to find reasons to keep the couple apart. Some of those internal conflicts are
tenuous at best.

But to me it seems the areas for conflict between…

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Flash fic challenge – A New Beginning


I took part in the flash fic challenge on the Queer Sci-Fi FB group with the topic of “endings”. I tackled homophobia and xenophobia in just 300 words. I’m proud of this little piece. Take a read and let me know what you think.

A New Beginning by Jamie Lynn Miller

The blade of the energy weapon swung downward in a deadly arc. Trey ducked and thrust forward, his weapon finding its target. The reptilian Gorgon dropped heavily at Trey’s feet, dead. Before his enemy’s body hit the ground Trey was scanning the battlefield, desperately searching for…there. There was Zane, the man he had loved for more than a decade, running toward him.

Love. It was why this war started a year ago, when the Gorgons arrived on Janos Prime. They said they came in peace, wishing to trade goods with the Janosians. But when the Gorgons discovered that theirs was a society where men loved men, mated and reproduced with men, everything changed. They were called “abhorrent” and “unnatural”. And the killings began.

The Janosians were not warriors, unaccustomed to battle. But they were fighting for their lives and the lives of the ones they loved, for their society and way of life. They refused to be defeated. They used their vastly superior intelligence against the Gorgons…and they were winning. It had all come down to this, the final battle. If their strike team was successful the entire Gorgon headquarters would be wiped out in a massive explosion.

Zane raced up to Trey, pulled him close, his breathing harsh against Trey’s ear, but not loud enough to drown out the screams of their friends dying around them. Then the sound they’d been waiting for. The explosion lit up the sky, shook everything to a halt on the battlefield. The Gorgons turned and ran in defeat.

A joyous cry went up in celebration. Weapons were dropped, men embraced one another, crying and laughing.

Zane looked at Trey, his light blue skin streaked with dirt and blood. “Is it really the end?”

Trey smiled, kissed him softly. “It is a new beginning.”

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Burnin’ for You

Lucas Taylor is a New York City fireman at Station 127, dedicated to his job, even though it has brought him heartrending tragedy – the loss of his lover, Ryan, in an explosion.

Evan Singer is the new guy in town, a paramedic transferred into Station 127 and he sets his eyes on Lucas from the get-go.

Neither knowing who the other is, their first meeting is a night of passion and desire that awakens something inside Lucas he never thought he’d feel again.

But when Lucas discovers that Evan is a paramedic, it all comes crashing down. For despite the feelings he has for Evan, Lucas has vowed to never again get involved with someone on the job, after losing Ryan to it.

Can Evan convince Lucas to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Evan is?

Includes the sequel – Where There’s Smoke!

Things turn explosive at the FDNY when a young man Lucas rescues from a fire becomes an obsessed stalker, and Evan’s altercation with a victim’s husband threatens to end his career.


Darkness Falls

Matthew Tucker is a successful actor on a hit television show, his career on the rise. Life is good. What more could he want? Daniel Westman, that’s what – his co-star and close friend.

Matthew’s attraction to Daniel grows day by day, feeling there’s something between them, just under the surface. But months go by, with Matthew afraid to tell Daniel he was falling in love with him. Because if he was wrong and Matthew was looking too deeply into it…he’d lose his best friend. So instead Matthew longs for Daniel in silence, until an accident on set may leave Daniel permanently blind. With his friend hurt, scared and confused, his life possibly forever altered, Matthew never wavers from Daniel’s side, no matter how difficult it gets.

His dedication brings them closer than ever before, but is it possible to find happiness, and love, in the wake of a tragedy? Or has Matthew’s hesitation cost him that chance and he’ll lose Daniel to the darkness instead?


Out of the Shadows

For K-9 Officer Shane Walker, transferring from the Tulsa police department to the elite L.A.P.D. was a dream come true. He nearly forgets he’s in Hollywood until he responds to a 911 call that brings him to the home of actor Tyler Donovan. It appears that Tyler has it all – a career that’s on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down. Can Shane help Tyler break free of a life he’s convinced he deserves before it’s too late, and in the process help them both find love?


Memory’s Prisoner

Detectives Mitchell Reid and Joseph Valentino of the Chicago Police Department have finally moved from friends to lovers, partners on the job and off. Then an escaped bank robber with a thirst for vengeance shatters their world. The police tactical raid to recapture the convict goes horribly wrong, leaving Mitch severely wounded and Joey with a devastating head injury. They both survive, but Joey’s long-term coma and memory loss will change their lives—and love—forever.


An Endless Sea of Stars

The year is 2121. While Earth has conquered exploration of the Milky Way, we have yet to develop an interstellar engine to take us beyond our own galaxy. Thus the Intergalactic Exploration Alliance and the Gemini Project were formed.

Lieutenant Tobias Dekker is fresh out of the IEA academy and determined to be assigned to the Gemini engineering team. Putting career above all else. He knows from experience that relationships have no place in the Alliance. Commander Caden Flynn is equally determined to see the Gemini prototype take flight to uncharted space. The engine is his late father’s design and he wants nothing more than to be the test pilot that breaks the next light speed barrier.

Two men dreaming of a sea of stars find that it’s instead an ocean here on Earth that brings them together. Can Cade convince Toby to open up his heart and take a chance on love and explore the universe with him, side by side?


LuLu (Paperback and epub):
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Also available at the iBookstore

Jamie Lynn Miller

A 5-STAR review for Memory’s Prisoner!


Many thanks to Carly Rose for a fantastic 5-STAR review of Memory’s Prisoner!

“After years of working together as part of Chicago’s S.W.A.T. team, Mitch and Joey finally acknowledge their mutual attraction and make their partnership as perfect at home as it is on the job.  Together they are able to fill their down time with much needed love an laughter, but their happiness doesn’t last long.

Mitch is able to adapt to his own injuries after a bust goes bad, but Joey’s memory loss is heart-breakingly traumatic for him to bear. Unwilling to leave his partner alone, Mitch is determined to stay by Joey’s side for as long as it takes.  For him, their love is unforgettable and it is enough to just be close to the beautiful man who holds his heart. After years of waiting for Joey’s memories to return, Mitch’s love is stronger than ever but his hope is almost gone.
MEMORY’S PRISONER is a well written combination of action, suspense, drama and romance. The chemistry between Joey and Mitch is undeniable, but the challenges their relationship faces are enough to break my heart. I read MEMORY’S PRISONER in a single sitting. Jamie’s deeply moving characters and detailed story development simply captured my heart.”
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