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Throwback Thursday – Shadow Unit series

Soldier books

For Throwback Thursday I’m at Grace Duncan’s blog talking about my m/m military Shadow Unit series. It’s a perfect time to find out about Sergeant Shawn Weller and Sergeant Connor Finley’s first missions before Hunted Soldier (Book 3) is published next month!


Goal accomplished!

WriteTrack progress

GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! But the great thing is, the book’s not finished yet. :-) I think I’ve got another few thousand words to go, which would make Hunted Soldier the longest of all the Shadow Unit books. Woot! Here’s hoping I get it finished this week!

Hunted Soldier begins!

Second hardest thing about writing a book, after naming all your characters? Writing the opening sentence(s). But I’m happy to say I’ve accomplished it!

“Cloaked in darkness, adrenaline thrumming through his veins, he crept forward silently, blending into his surroundings. Just another shadow.”

Hunted Soldier has begun!