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Ask Me Anything – Master Post


Now that December is over, so is my Ask Me Anything meme, so I thought I’d make a Master Post of all of the questions that were sent my way, and my answers. Let’s play Twenty Questions and get to know me!
ASK ME ANYTHING – Day One –  Jayden Brooks  wants to know what my absolute favorite, cannot live without, program is.

That would be Photoshop, hands down. I’ve been a graphic designer and photographer for the last 20 years, so that software is pretty much my life. Both for work and for personal projects. Heck, without it I couldn’t create all of my ebook covers! 🙂

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Two – Sue ChiTown  wants to know what my favorite part of my police class and was and what plot bunny did I walk away with?

Favorite part was the night on Forensics, for sure. Fascinating stuff. And my plot bunny came the night we were talking bout the SWAT team and the snipers. I suddenly had an idea where a sniper is given the go to take out the bad guy and just as he pulls the trigger an innocent person steps in the way and he kills them by accident. It pretty much destroys him and his life starts to fall apart from guilt and grief. In steps the police psychiatrist. He helps the sniper get himself back together and in the process they fall in love. Working title is Bullet to the Heart.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Three – Carly Rose wants to know if I lost my ability to express myself through words what form of expression would I choose and why?

As an artist, I’d have to choose either photography or glass making, both of which I do. There is so much freedom to create anything in either of those mediums to express any idea or thought I would have.

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