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Flash fic challenge – A New Beginning


I took part in the flash fic challenge on the Queer Sci-Fi FB group with the topic of “endings”. I tackled homophobia and xenophobia in just 300 words. I’m proud of this little piece. Take a read and let me know what you think.

A New Beginning by Jamie Lynn Miller

The blade of the energy weapon swung downward in a deadly arc. Trey ducked and thrust forward, his weapon finding its target. The reptilian Gorgon dropped heavily at Trey’s feet, dead. Before his enemy’s body hit the ground Trey was scanning the battlefield, desperately searching for…there. There was Zane, the man he had loved for more than a decade, running toward him.

Love. It was why this war started a year ago, when the Gorgons arrived on Janos Prime. They said they came in peace, wishing to trade goods with the Janosians. But when the Gorgons discovered that theirs was a society where men loved men, mated and reproduced with men, everything changed. They were called “abhorrent” and “unnatural”. And the killings began.

The Janosians were not warriors, unaccustomed to battle. But they were fighting for their lives and the lives of the ones they loved, for their society and way of life. They refused to be defeated. They used their vastly superior intelligence against the Gorgons…and they were winning. It had all come down to this, the final battle. If their strike team was successful the entire Gorgon headquarters would be wiped out in a massive explosion.

Zane raced up to Trey, pulled him close, his breathing harsh against Trey’s ear, but not loud enough to drown out the screams of their friends dying around them. Then the sound they’d been waiting for. The explosion lit up the sky, shook everything to a halt on the battlefield. The Gorgons turned and ran in defeat.

A joyous cry went up in celebration. Weapons were dropped, men embraced one another, crying and laughing.

Zane looked at Trey, his light blue skin streaked with dirt and blood. “Is it really the end?”

Trey smiled, kissed him softly. “It is a new beginning.”

Dancing in the Dark – a flash fic

Check out my contribution to the #TeamPrism GayRomLit Countdown Flash Fic challenge! Based on the photo prompt below, it’s short, but hot. 🙂


Dancing in the Dark – by Jamie Lynn Miller

Connor woke to bright sunlight shining against his closed eyelids. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking against the offending glare and found himself staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. Momentarily confused, he turned his head to the right, finding an equally unfamiliar window. Tipping his head to the left, the events of last night suddenly came back with startling clarity as he spied the naked man sleeping next to him.


As quietly as he could, Connor slipped from the bed, praying he didn’t wake the sleeping man. He crept around the room, completely naked, looking for his clothes. Which were apparently strewn from one side to the other, along with items that clearly were not his. He found his white briefs near the end of the bed next to his jeans. His shoes and socks were near the bedroom door. And finally his white tank top, lying mostly inside the attached bathroom.

His bundle of clothes in hand, he decided to dress in the bathroom, then make his getaway as quickly as possible. He pulled on his tiny briefs and then his tank top. He made to pull on his jeans next when out of the corner of his eye he spied the beautiful tattooed man still asleep on the bed, lying on his stomach. Connor paused and leaned back against the wall, helpless to stop the memories of the previous night from flooding back.

He closed his dark brown eyes, one hand sliding down past the waistband of his briefs, the other sliding up under his shirt. He sighed as he touched himself, realizing how tender his body was, a pleasant ache created by hands other than his own. A stranger’s hands.

Connor’s breath caught as he took himself in hand, started stroking, his fingers gently tugging on his nipple. He was back there in the club. Music pounding, lights flashing, amidst a sea of dancing, pulsing male bodies. Then hands were on his hips. A stranger’s hands, tugging him backwards, flush up against a tightly muscled body. They moved together effortlessly, seamlessly, as if they had been lovers for years. Connor lost himself in their intimate dance, craving more. So when the stranger whispered in his ear and took his hand, Connor followed him willingly.

They continued their intimate dance throughout the night, their naked bodies moving together, finding sweet release over and over again. Connor’s hand sped up, stroking himself faster, feeling the stranger’s hands on him and not his own. Remembering what he had wanted him to do. What he had asked him to do. Connor bit his lip, pinched his nipple harder.

Almost there…

“Is this a one-man show or can anyone join in?”

Connor gasped, startled, removing his hands quickly from underneath his clothing, his eyes flying open…to be pinned by eyes as dark with arousal as his own.

The beautiful stranger – no not anymore, it was Blake, his name was Blake – was lying on his side now, stroking his rapidly growing erection. He smiled and winked at Connor, held out his hand.


And just like last night, Connor went willingly, unable to resist the pull this man had on him. He came to a stop next to the bed and Blake rose up on his knees, snagging the bottom of Connor’s shirt, pulling it over his head. Then Blake sank back down, this time hooking his fingers on the waistband of Connor’s briefs, pushing them down until they pooled on the floor. With a tug on Connor’s wrist they were on the bed, legs tangled together.

Blake rolled Connor onto his back, his mouth hot and wet and insistent on the side of Connor’s neck, moving lower and lower with purpose. Stopping to lick and suck on a nipple, a tongue dipped into his navel and then down between his legs.

Connor sucked in a sharp breath, his tender body on fire once again, Blake’s mouth and hands working their magic as they had so many times last night. Connor let go, gave in, and minutes later he was left gasping for breath, his head spinning with the force of his release.

Blake moved back up Connor’s body and kissed him deeply, tenderly, covering Connor’s body with his own. When he pulled back there was a question in his eyes.

“Were you going to leave without saying anything to me?” Blake asked, disappointment coloring his voice.

Connor sighed, guilt crossing his features. He glanced away for a moment before meeting Blake’s gaze. “About last night…I don’t know what I was thinking. That’s not who I am. I don’t do one-night stands.”

“Then don’t let it be one. Stay,” Blake whispered. “I know you felt it, too, in the way we moved together at the club. I’ve never felt such an instant connection to someone.” He cupped the side of Connor’s face, his thumb stroking his cheek. “Let me be your dance partner again. And again.”

Connor tugged Blake’s head down, their lips almost touching. He smiled. “Only if I get to lead.”

And with a kiss, he stole away Blake’s reply.