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Author Spotlight – Rachel Sparks

I’d like to welcome to my blog today Rachel Sparks, here to talk a little bit about herself, her writing habits and most importantly, about her new book, Giving Love a Chance. Keep reading to find out how you can win a FREE ebook of Giving Love a Chance!

Take it away, Rachel!

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1.) I know this was an intensely personal book for you to write. Can you tell us why you decided to tackle the subject of domestic abuse?

I was in an abusive marriage when I was 19 years old. It lasted almost 3 years. Ever since then I have had horrible nightmares. Also people are always asking why did say? I wouldn’t let that happen to me. So I decided it was time for people to understand and see it from the survivors’ point of view. Also to allow me to tell my story and maybe people will understand me a little better.

2) How or why did you get started writing in the m/m world?

I used to write what people wanted me to write, and what they expected me to write. I wasn’t happy. I found some videos of John Barrowman talking about being who he is and not changing because he was happy being himself. That made me think and I decided that I wanted to write what was in heart and soul. M/M was wanted I wanted to write about. It makes me happy.

3) What was your first published m/m work? Tell us a little about it.

I published my first M/M last year called To Be Whole. It is a western based in 1860s.

4) Tell us one thing hardly anyone knows about you.

That I am totally addicted to John Barrowman’s singing and cannot sleep unless I have it playing at night.

5) Do you have any strange writing habits or superstitions?

When I am writing I have to have my favorite TV Shows playing in the background. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow… I can’t write any other way.

6) Are you a plotter or a do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Well, I will make an outline but that don’t guarantee that I will go by it. I do start out with making an outline of characters, the storyline, ideas things like that.

7) What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

I’m bouncing between A Chance At Love which is book two of Second Chance For Love Series and a Sci-Fi/superhero/alpha/omega *not shifters* story. One of those will be out in 2016.


Rachel Sparks grew up in South Carolina .With a degree in Early Childhood education and one in social work, she brings those skills to the table to write stories involving current social issues, a sprinkling of romance and powerful story lines.

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Book Blurb

The perfect life was just a lie…

John Burrows had a wonderful husband who loved him. The job of his dreams. He had a loving family, loyal friends and adoring fans. His life was everything a man could hope for until it fell apart. Society says it does not happen, that it is all a lie, so John hid the truth from everyone until it was almost too late.

The truth was revealed…

Ben Tensley thought that meeting your soulmate on the most traumatic night of his life was hard. He discovered that watching the man you love try and heal in the middle of chaos was even harder. Ben and John struggle to find solid ground…until John’s nightmare returns.

Will John be strong enough to give love a chance?

This book deals with domestic abuse. I, myself, am a survivor of domestic abuse.


John looked down at their hands and then laced his fingers with Ben’s.

Ben placed his hand lightly on John’s cheek. He stared deeply into John’s eyes. Ben could see the pain no matter how hard John tried to hide it. “Are you going to let me in John?”

John swallowed and licked his lips.

Ben leaned in closer and closer to John. He was so close that John could feel the hot breath against his lips. He closed his eyes as he felt Ben press his mouth firmly, offering no resistance. He let Ben explore the depths of his mouth with his tongue. Ben knew this was more than just a connection. This was what he had been yearning for all these years. John was exactly what he needed.

John put his hands on Ben’s chest and pushed him away. He could feel his heart pounding and hear it in his ears. “Wait… stop… please.”

Ben raised his hands and moved back. “I’m sorry, I thought you…”

John got up and walked over and placed his hands on a nearby table with his head down. He was trying to calm down. He felt fear gripping him.

Ben got up and walked over to the table. “Hey…”

John stood up. “Could you just back up please? I need some breathing room.”

Ben raised his hands and backed up. “I’m sorry.” Ben could have kicked himself. He had taken it too far and he knew it. At this rate he would never have a chance for a relationship with John.

John picked up a bottle of wine and poured himself a glass. He drained the entire glass in a matter of minutes.

“You want me to leave?”

John ignored Ben and filled his glass again, draining it quickly before slamming it on the table. “Hell no! I just need some space dammit!”

Ben walked around the table and took the wine bottle. “Look, I’m not going to stand here watch you drink an entire bottle of wine and cuss me out.”

John tried to reach for his wine bottle. “Then leave!”

Ben wouldn’t let him have the wine bottle. “I am not going to let you start drinking when you feel nervous around me. I’m not going to rape you. You wanted me to stop, and I did.”

John was curling his hands into fists.

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Rachel is graciously giving away a FREE copy of her ebook, Giving Love a Chance to one random commenter! PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT! Winner will be chosen on Friday, October 2nd. Good luck!

Strike Back fic: I’ll Carry You (Michael/Damien) 1/1

Title: I’ll Carry You

Author: Jamie Lynn Miller

Pairing: Michael Stonebridge/Damien Scott

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 5,740

Spoilers: Season 4

Disclaimer: I don’t own them, more’s the pity. Just borrowing!

Notes: My first Strike Back fic! This is an AU-ish version of episodes 4×07 and 4×08. I always thought the prison episode screamed for a missing scene and I always wanted it to be Michael showing up at Damien’s hotel room instead of Major Nina Pirogova.

Summary: Forced to have sex at gunpoint in Black Bear prison, Michael and Damien’s relationship is forever changed.

Strike Back banner

I’ll Carry You

By Jamie Lynn Miller

Michael’s dying…

Michael’s dying…

Michael’s dying…

The two words repeated themselves in an endless loop inside American Sergeant Damien Scott’s brain as he lay on his bunk in his cell inside Black Bear prison. The phone that had delivered the fateful words was a lead weight against his side where it was tucked into the waistband of his red inmate uniform.

Damien stared unseeingly up at the bottom of Michael’s bunk. This…this wasn’t right. Men like he and Michael, they went out with a bullet to the head or a knife across the throat. Quick. Not a slow, agonizing death by neurotoxin from a biological weapon. It was hard to comprehend that a simple cut on Michael’s arm had become his death sentence.

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It appears that Tyler has it all – a career that’s on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down.

Can Shane help Tyler break free of a life he’s convinced he deserves before it’s too late, and in the process help them both find love?

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Detectives Mitchell Reid and Joseph Valentino of the Chicago Police Department have finally moved from friends to lovers, partners on the job and off. Then an escaped bank robber with a thirst for vengeance shatters their world. The police tactical raid to recapture the convict goes horribly wrong, leaving Mitch severely wounded and Joey with a devastating head injury. They both survive, but Joey’s long-term coma and memory loss will change their lives—and love—forever.

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Lucas Taylor is a New York City fireman at Station 127, dedicated to his job, even though it has brought him heartrending tragedy – the loss of his lover, Ryan, in an explosion.

Evan Singer is the new guy in town, a paramedic transferred into Station 127 and he sets his eyes on Lucas from the get-go.

Neither knowing who the other is, their first meeting is a night of passion and desire that awakens something inside Lucas he never thought he’d feel again.

But when Lucas discovers that Evan is a paramedic, it all comes crashing down. For despite the feelings he has for Evan, Lucas has vowed to never again get involved with someone on the job, after losing Ryan to it.

Can Evan convince Lucas to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Evan is?

Includes the sequel – Where There’s Smoke!

Things turn explosive at the FDNY when a young man Lucas rescues from a fire becomes an obsessed stalker, and Evan’s altercation with a victim’s husband threatens to end his career.

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The year is 2121. While Earth has conquered exploration of the Milky Way, we have yet to develop an interstellar engine to take us beyond our own galaxy. Thus the Intergalactic Exploration Alliance and the Gemini Project were formed.

Lieutenant Tobias Dekker is fresh out of the IEA academy and determined to be assigned to the Gemini engineering team. Putting career above all else. He knows from experience that relationships have no place in the Alliance. Commander Caden Flynn is equally determined to see the Gemini prototype take flight to uncharted space. The engine is his late father’s design and he wants nothing more than to be the test pilot that breaks the next light speed barrier.

Two men dreaming of a sea of stars find that it’s instead an ocean here on Earth that brings them together. Can Cade convince Toby to open up his heart and take a chance on love and explore the universe with him, side by side?

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Matthew Tucker is a successful actor on a hit television show, his career on the rise. Life is good. What more could he want? Daniel Westman, that’s what – his co-star and close friend.

Matthew’s attraction to Daniel grows day by day, feeling there’s something between them, just under the surface. But months go by, with Matthew afraid to tell Daniel he was falling in love with him. Because if he was wrong and Matthew was looking too deeply into it…he’d lose his best friend. So instead Matthew longs for Daniel in silence, until an accident on set may leave Daniel permanently blind. With his friend hurt, scared and confused, his life possibly forever altered, Matthew never wavers from Daniel’s side, no matter how difficult it gets.

His dedication brings them closer than ever before, but is it possible to find happiness, and love, in the wake of a tragedy? Or has Matthew’s hesitation cost him that chance and he’ll lose Daniel to the darkness instead?