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Christmas in July ebook sale!


Grab a s’more, sit down in front of the campfire and settle in for some Christmas in July! Beat the heat with two stories of soldiers in the snow looking to warm up in each other’s arms. #GayMilitaryRomance

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Veterans Day ebook SALE!



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5 STARS for the Shadow Unit series!


5 STARS for the entire SHADOW UNIT SERIES from Natosha at Gay Book Reviews!


Title: Shadow Unit Series
Author: Jamie Lynn Miller
Publisher: Lulu.com
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, military ops, danger, undercover, drugs, violence, graphic
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This is truly an incredible series. But first and foremost: TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR VIOLENCE AND DRUG USE. Jamie Lynn Miller did such an incredible job on this whole series. I was addicted to it from the begging to the end. I did not want to put any of the books down until I completed them. That is just how amazing they was.

The Shadow Unit is an elite unit made up of men and women that are the best of the best. They are all military trained in some form or fashion and they need to be because of the situations they find themselves in on almost a daily basis. When there is an op that needs the experts to be able to take the bad guy, Shadow Unit is the ones called in.

These books are based around primarily two main characters, Connor and Shawn. They are partners both on and off the field and they work together like one. If not for the help of their whole unit, they may not be as successful as they are but there is no doubt that without each other they may not make it out of the tight spots they find themselves in on a regular basis.

This two men are what pulls the other out of the dangerous situations and grounds them back into reality. If they did not have one another, they would be truly lost.

This read has a lot of danger but at the same time Shawn and Connors personal relationship with one another seems to balance the bad with the good they have together.

This series is truly an incredible read and is definitely a series that I would put on my highly recommended read list. I think that Jamie Lynn Miller is an amazing author and I truly hope there will be more books in this series in the future. Incredible read!!!!!

★ BUY LINK: https://payhip.com/jamielynnmiller

Shadow Unit blog tour begins!


Today Divine Promotions kicking off the blog tour for Shadow Unit Series by Jamie Lynn Miller

Meet Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller–elite covert ops soldiers with Shadow Unit–a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

Connor and Shawn’s harrowing missions take them across the globe from London to Kuala Lumpur to India to Pakistan to Bangladesh. Fighting to stem the flow of ever-increasing terror attacks and to protect innocent civilian lives, they battle arms dealers, drug smugglers, biological weapon threats, and a madman hell-bent on revenge, facing death at every turn. Their private lives are fraught with struggles as well, both Connor and Shawn battling personal demons from their past that threaten their future.

Amidst a backdrop of guns, bloodshed and violence, Connor and Shawn’s love and dedication for one another never wavers, standing resolutely side by side, drawing strength from each other to continue their never-ending fight.


Follow along with the tour to get to know Sergeants Connor Finley & Shawn Weller, for EXCLUSIVE GUEST POSTS, lots of EXCERPTS and your chance to win a FREE copy of Snowbound Soldiers!

5 Handcuffs for Snowbound Soldiers!


★★ 5 HANDCUFFS for Snowbound Soldiers! ★★ Thank you Evelise Archer at S.E.X. Reviews! “Snowbound took two damaged men and gave them one joyous day where their only focus was each other and not the horrors of corruption and war.” #GayMilitary

BUY LINK: https://payhip.com/jamielynnmiller

FULL REVIEW: http://bit.ly/2skgucT

Short read Snowbound Soldiers by Jamie Lynn Miller was sweet and sexy. Set in between book one and two of Shadow Hunt series, Connor and Shawn indulged in 24-hours of alone time in a secluded cabin.

If you’ve read Broken Soldier, SH 1, you fully know the torment and tribulations Connor and Shawn have experienced. Snowbound took two damaged men and gave them one joyous day where their only focus was each other and not the horrors of corruption and war.

Ms. Miller delivered sensuality as two beautiful souls found a bit of respite.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review

Spotlight on – Shadow Unit

Soldier books

Hi all! I’m the Spotlight feature today at Crystal’s Many Reviewers, talking about my m/m military Shadow Unit series. It’s a perfect time to get caught up on Shawn and Connor’s first missions before Book Three is published next month!

Yes, that’s right, Hunted Soldier is FINISHED! Clocking in at 56,000 words, it’s my longest book yet!

Here’s the link to read all about Shadow Unit: http://www.crystalsmanyreviewers.com/2017/03/5129.html