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5-Star review for Burnin’ for You!


Just got this great 5-star review over at Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it., September 28, 2014
This review is from: Burnin’ for You (Kindle Edition)
This is the first book by Jamie Lynn Miller that I’ve read and I loved it. I will definitely be buying more of her books. She gives you everything you could ever want in a story romance, love, drama, and awesome leading men. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading more of your books. 🙂

Dipping in my toes? Moi? I dove right in!

Now this is how you do self-publishing!

Thinking of dipping your toes in the self-publishing waters? Why not do what I did? Jump in with both feet!

I released 4 books in September, and, boy, is my brain tired! I went from newbie to expert in a single month!

So if you like fun, quirky male/male stories, pop over to your fave etailer and check out my books. Or find more info here.

4 launched+coming soon

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Cover reveal: Just 99¢ for ASSUME THE POSITION

Another week, another release from my friend Gina Storm Grant! How can you resist a title like that? 🙂

So here we are in week 4 of A-Book-A-Week for 4 weeks! And here’s ASSUME THE POSITION‘s awesome cover:

A fun, sexy read that’s only previously been available in the I Do charitable anthology.

Sex, drugs, and a blinding reaction. Can false arrest lead to true love?

Read ASSUME THE POSITION and find out!

It’s not too early to pre-order it, here: / / Kobo / AllRomanceEbooks

And the reviewers have said…

Assume the Positionis the best story for the anthology…. What a fresh and original story. The story had great characterization, not only just filled with some steamy sex scenes and overall just a great piece. This is another author to look out for. ~Rainbow Reviews

This story contains a lot of good qualities such as strongly written action scenes, vivid sensory detail, and male characters who seem like believable men. ~Obsidian Bookshelf

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I talk GRL at Prism Book Alliance


I’m part of Team Prism Book Alliance for GRL 2014 and today is my featured guest blog post. Please stop by and read about how I first got into writing ebooks, my fan fiction roots and what I’m most looking forward to at my very first GRL. Leave me a comment and you’re entered to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card!




Rent boys for all! Cover Reveal!

Yet another witty release from my good friend Gina! Check out all those 5 star reviews!


Get it / / Kobo/ AllRomanceEbooks

It’s a business doing pleasure with you.

A fun, angsty and sexy tale of young hookers in love.

Cameron Fairchild is an ex-marine plagued by weird allergies and atypical PTSD. Following a violent incident in an upscale department store, the courts release him into the custody of his mother, San Francisco’s premiere madam!

He learns a great deal at his mother’s knee, including how to get down on his own. During the course of his internship, he falls for a pretty young man he first attempts to recruit and later rescues from a nasty pimp. Together, they find love and happiness and a brand spankin’ new definition of monogamy.

TART & SOUL: A male/male contemporary romance (previously published by Torquere Press)
Novella, approx. 75 pages. Available in digital format only.


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5 Star review for Darkness Falls!

Darkness cover final

Received a wonderful 5 Star review today for Darkness Falls from Carly’s Book Reviews:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Matthew and Daniel are best friends and co-workers, but their lives are shadowed by darkness. Matthew is in love with his best friend, but afraid to reveal his feelings and lose their friendship. When Daniel is injured on-set and loses his eyesight, he no longer feels that his life has purpose.
When the proximity of caring for Daniel finally brings Matthew’s true feelings for his friend to light, Daniel is overwhelmed by Matthew’s love, and returns it wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, the darkness is still there, clouding their relationship, as Daniel’s inability to adjust to his blindness threatens their new bond.
An emotionally engaging love story, DARKNESS FALLS is well written, with flawed yet honest characters. When life changes unexpectedly, rolling with the punches and maintaining a positive attitude is a hard thing to do.  Love is at the foundation of this character driven romance, but just like in real life, love isn’t the band-aid that makes their troubles disappear. Filled with intrigue, sensuality, raw emotionalism and truth; darkness mixes with light and despair is challenged by joy in this touching story.
Matthew Tucker is a successful actor on a hit television show, his career on the rise. Life is good. What more could he want? Daniel Westman, that’s what – his co-star and close friend.
Matthew’s attraction to Daniel grows day by day, feeling there’s something between them, just under the surface. But months go by, with Matthew afraid to tell Daniel he was falling in love with him. Because if he was wrong and Matthew was looking too deeply into it… he’d lose his best friend. So instead Matthew longs for Daniel in silence, until an accident on set may leave Daniel permanently blind. With his friend hurt, scared and confused, his life possibly forever altered, Matthew never wavers from Daniel’s side, no matter how difficult it gets.
His dedication brings them closer than ever before, but is it possible to find happiness, and love, in the wake of a tragedy? Or has Matthew’s hesitation cost him that chance and he’ll lose Daniel to the darkness instead?


LuLu (Paperback and epub):
Barnes and Noble:
Also available at the iBookstore

Sex and cats! Together… (well, not together together…)

C’mon, admit it – that title caught your attention didn’t it? 🙂 So keep reading!

A brand new excerpt from re-released just this week SHIFT HAPPENS! ShiftHappens_200

Chapter 4. Escape Claws

Adrian awoke from the best sex he’d had in ages.

In fact, it was the only sex he’d had in ages. Slowly it dawned on him that he’d fallen asleep in his living room chair, and his dreamy lover was only a dream. Military type, eh? He hadn’t had the generic soldier fantasy in a while.

After the day he’d had, his subconscious probably felt it needed to surrender control to an authority figure. Or maybe it had been inspired by all those uniformed cops who’d poked around last night. He’d thought Officer Eddy kind of cute, if only the guy hadn’t taken the role of bad cop quite so seriously. Regardless of the inspiration, his dream lover’s buzz cut and hard body had been sexy as hell.

He sighed and stretched, his neck cracking…

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