Elmhurst library Local Author Fair a success!


I had a good time this past Saturday at the Elmhurst library’s Local Author Fair. They had it laid out differently this year, with the tables scattered throughout both floors instead of all of us in a large meeting room. And this year there were a whopping 50 authors compared to last year at about 30. I met several new fellow authors and reconnected with a few I’d met at previous events.

Big thing was – I sold books! Woot! Gay fiction is a tough sell at these events, so I count myself lucky. I had a wonderful interaction with two young gals, around 14 years old. I got the distinct feeling they were exploring their growing sexuality. They came right over to my table, and while they’re too young to read my books, they both really wanted the rainbow flag pins I had and both put them on promptly. They were both lovely to speak with.

In fact, my rainbow flag pins were quite the hit with folks saying they had a gay son, grand-daugher or friend and wanted to show their support. Most said they had no idea there was even gay fiction! They all took my business cards and said they’d pass it along, so I’m hoping I’ll sell some ebooks in the next few days.

Oh, and I had a woman give me a pair of rainbow heart earrings that she’d made! How cool was that? So yeah, I had a good day.

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