Dying Soldier Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Dying cover reveal graphic

I’m proud to present the cover of my upcoming new release —

Dying Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 4)

Dying cover-FINAL


SUMMARY: Serving with the elite anti-terrorism task force known as Shadow Unit, Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller have faced arms dealers, drug lords, terrorists, rogue CIA agents and biological weapons. But with the unconditional support of their team, and more importantly, their love for one another, they possess the strength to survive any challenge.

But how do you fight an enemy you can’t see? When a mission in Sierra Leone takes an unexpected turn, Connor and Shawn find themselves under quarantine and in isolation, their lives hanging in the balance between life and death. This time, their team is on the outside, looking in. Have Connor and Shawn finally found themselves in a battle they cannot win?


I’m excited about bringing you another adventure with Connor and Shawn! Here’s a teaser:


The firefight was fierce, bullets slamming into the crates, the tightly packed drugs inside the only thing preventing Shawn and Connor from being torn to pieces. Planks of wood shredded under the onslaught, sending shards flying, cutting into Shawn’s face and he turned away, looking toward the right. He spied Chloe, Mandy and Sebastian just as pinned down as he and Connor, but still keeping their enemies at bay with deadly accurate shots.

Shawn turned back and leaned out sideways from behind the crate, snapping off several rounds. They found their target, the man’s head nearly exploding as he dropped to the ground. Shawn did a quick count and saw at least eight hostiles still standing outside, plus the three shooting from the windows and two from the doorway, all of them using AK-47’s—the terrorist weapon of choice.

Multiple sustained bursts of gunfire further off to Shawn’s right signaled the arrival of Bravo Team joining the fight. Connor’s rifle angrily spat out rounds next to him, nearly deafening Shawn. Another quick look around the crate showed Shawn that several of the terrorists were being driven back closer to the building under Bravo Team’s advance.

“They’re falling back!” Shawn shouted to Connor.

His partner nodded and popped up over the top of his crate, eagerly looking for another target. Connor squeezed the trigger rapidly as an answering burst of gunfire sounded in return.

Shawn watched in horror as Connor’s body suddenly jerked multiple times, a splash of blood arching through the air as his partner was knocked off his feet, landing backwards in a heap, eyes closed, not moving.

No! Finn!”


Dying Soldier can be read as a standalone book, but if you would like to start from the beginning, now’s your chance!



GIVEAWAY for an ebook of Broken Soldier (Shadow Unit Book 1)

Broken cover 6x9 BOOK 1
To enter, simply leave a comment below with your favorite military TV show or movie, and your email address. That’s it!
I will draw one random winner this Friday, June 29th.
Good luck and thank you all for your support of Shadow Unit!


Interested in getting started right away on Connor and Shawn’s missions? You can find all of my Shadow Unit books at my Payhip site: https://payhip.com/jamielynnmiller


30 thoughts on “Dying Soldier Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

    • Another JAG fan! Yay! OMG, Harm in dress whites? [swoon] You know, I’ve never seen GI Jane. Apparently I need to rectify that. 🙂 Thanks, Christy! You’re now entered to win a copy of Broken Soldier!


    • Thank you so much! I designed the cover myself. 🙂 So glad you’re looking forward to the book! We have so many M.A.S.H. fans here, it’s great. Thanks for the comment and you’re now entered to win a copy of Broken Soldier!

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