4.5 STARS for Rogue Soldier!


Many thanks to Tammy Smith at Love Bytes for the fantastic review!



Shawn Weller and Conner Finley have recovered from their ordeal in Kuala Lumpur. They spent a month healing both their physical as well as their emotional wounds, now they’re closer and stronger than ever!

Shadow Unit have just finished an op in the Kashmir region of Northern India that didn’t end well. Conner is having trouble deciding whether he’ll accept a promotion that will see him leaving Shadow Unit for another called Ghost Squad. Taking the promotion would be the end of his relationship with Shawn since Shawn hasn’t taken the news as well as he’d hoped. In fact, Shawn gave Conner an ultimatum; the promotion or me! Just as Conner is thinking he’s made up his mind they get the call to join the CIA on a joint operation, the only problem with this is the lead operative for the CIA is Shawn’s ex-handler/lover Julian Montgomery.

Julian has decided he wants Shawn back, the only thing wrong with his plan is that Shawn can’t stand him and refuses to even talk to him. Shawn doesn’t feel right about the op and tries to convince his commanding officer there’s something wrong but every time it’s considered it all checks out. Shawn knows Julian will go to any lengths to get what he wants and if him showing up in Shawn and Conner’s room naked is any indication, Julian is going to play as dirty as he knows to get him back.

You can feel Conner’s heart breaking when he realises what Julian is up to, added to the fact that Shawn and he aren’t exactly on speaking terms and Conner is feeling lost. But, at least he’s been forewarned he’ll now keep his guard up around Julian. The closer to the mission they get the surer both Conner and Shawn are that something isn’t right. Conner is kidnapped in the aftermath of the botched raid. Conner is then used as a “test subject”, after being beaten and tortured he is injected with a lethal poison that no-one has ever survived.
Will Shawn and Shadow Unit find Conner in time? Will Shawn and Conner remain partners? You are going to have to get your own copy of Rogue Soldier to get the answers. Make sure you’ve read Broken Soldier first.



AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/jpznqp3

ARe: http://tinyurl.com/zu5fv8w

KOBO: http://tinyurl.com/jb364ck

SCRIBD: http://tinyurl.com/jaevs8t

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