4 STARS for Rogue Soldier!


Many thanks to Heather at Bayou Book Junkie for the great review!

This is Book 2 of the Shadow Unit series.  This book seems to start a few months after Book 1 ended.  It could be read without reading Book 1, as information shared in the first book is retold in this one but don’t skip the first book!  Shawn and Connor are worth reading about!  In this book, the Shadow Unit group is working in Kuala Lumpur when they are called to another mission.  This mission is being led by Shawn’s former partner and lover in the CIA and Shawn knows he’s not to be trusted.  Shawn’s focus is torn between the mission and trying to figure out what Julian is up to.  Julian plans on getting Shawn back in his life no matter whose life he has to end to make that happen.  The Shadow Unit team must face the threats from the new mission, as well as a spy in their midst.

In this book we learn more about Shawn, Connor and the Shadow Unit group.  Shawn and Connor’s relationship continues to grow and strengthen and they’re once against faced with challenges that may result in one or both of their deaths.  As with the previous book, it took me a little while to get into the story and you definitely recognize that this is fiction, but once pulled into the story, I couldn’t stop reading.

I think what hurts my immersion is that I really don’t know Shawn and Connor.  They’re an established couple and they’re able to work through and support each other through any issues but we just find out information about them as it pertains to the missions.  I don’t feel like I have a firm grip on who they are.  But, maybe it’s because I need to not look at this as a romance story but more a book about missions, with the MC’s being partners in love.  But, however you choose to look at it, the series is enjoyable!

Rating:  4 stars



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