4.5 STARS for Rogue Soldier!


Many thanks to Mel at Alpha Book Club for the fantastic review!

Review: Book 2 is AMAZING!!!! So while I enjoyed the first book in this series, this book was significantly better and more enjoyable. Perhaps it was because I already fell in love with the main characters, or knew what to expect in a “second book” (versus missing the meet-cute in the first book), either way, it was well written and read in one sitting.

In this book, there’s a third party that comes into the mix with a suspenseful plotline… a “what is he doing here” question persists throughout. Which kept me guessing (although if you’re looking for a shocker, that’s not quite what to expect). I digress. While only a handful of months had transpired between the first book and this one, the characters seemed much more connected and more of a couple than before. When trouble strikes this time, it comes in many ways… and all at once.

One irksome thing, if you read the series in a row, there are a few passages that are copied verbatim from the first book to the second (more background and place setting, etc.). Other than that, I really enjoyed the development of both characters and the writing in this book seemed easier to read and more engaging than the first installment. Perhaps the best leap from book one to two that I’ve seen. Oh yeah, and um, still super hot sex all the time.



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