4 STARS for Broken Soldier AND Rogue Soldier!


Many thanks to Ilona Fenton for the fantastic reviews!



Having grown up in the forces and married a soldier I really love military themed books and this was my main criteria for saying yes to reading this book. As it happens this book was much more than a ‘military men in covert missions’ romance . It was a look at what good people go through to stop the bad guys in this world. The author has no qualms about giving the reader a realistic and harrowing portrayal of all that Shawn goes through both during and after the mission. However I wouldn’t want to leave you with a negative impression of the book because I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading book two.


So as previously stated I was looking forward to reading this book and very grateful to the publisher for having given me both books to read. Why? Well firstly because it continues the story of Shawn and Connor and if I hadn’t read book one I would have been a little lost (but enough back story was given to fill in any gaps if you had come to this one first). Again Jamie takes the reader on a harrowing journey that seems very realistic to me. This time it’s Connor being put through the ringer and as before we get the blood and gore and the feelings. I just hope there’s a book three to come, I know I’ll be adding it to my library if there is.

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