4.5 STAR review for Rogue Soldier!


Many thanks to Freya at Sinfully Gay Romance for the fantastic review!


In the first book in this series, Broken Soldier, I was introduced to the word of Sergeants Shawn Weller and Connor Finley. Members of Shadow Squadron – the men who did, when other armed forces couldn’t. It was an outstanding read, so this book had a lot to live up to. After their mission in book one Shawn has some deep scars which carry over to book two.

The story opens with a shock, and the boys fighting to capture a man with information on a Jihad terrorist cell. It’s an immediate adrenaline rush that, caught my attention and made me internally shout – Hello, this is my kind of story.

At the conclusion of the first operation, Connor is offered a promotion that could take him away from Shawn. Someone also arrives on base who wants to take Shawn away from Connor. This person is not beyond neutralising Connor in the process.

There are some amazing action scenes in Rogue Soldier. I was treated to, rough, tough military men who worked hard and made love even harder. They had their tender times too, which given their lifestyle was a beautiful contrast in scenes. The story was full of high-octane, heart in the mouth foreboding, gunfire, torturous situations and emotional lovemaking. I got to read more about the backgrounds of Connor and Shawn, which added to the depth of their characters, and the love I already had for these boys from book one.

It is sooooo, tempting to let more spoiler spill, but I rein myself in. Just let your imagination fly. Think, special forces, uniforms, manoeuvres, weapons, evil and two men deeply in love, who others are trying to separate. What could conceivably happen?

It is possible to read Rogue Soldier as a standalone, but if you haven’t read book one and are interested in this series, I suggest you go and read it now. It helps to know some background when reading book 2, and you won’t be disappointed. I gave that a review of 5*.

If you are one of these readers that isn’t happy unless your inner adrenaline junkie is sated during a read, then you will love this.


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