5 STARS for Rogue Soldier!


★ My first 5 STAR review for Rogue Soldier! ★ Thank you, Gloria Lakritz!

“This is the second book in Jamie Lynn Miller’s sizzling series of our men in military. Again we meet two members of Shadow Unit and life partners Connor Finley and Shawn Weller who have returned to their team after their laast mission from hell, taking out an drug and arms cartel ring in Kuala, Lumpur. Connor and Shawn took needed time off, helping to heal Shawn from the terrible ordeal he went through going deep undercover.

Now deemed fit for action they return to the team to find Julian Montgomery there. Julian who was Shawn’s CIA handler as part of their team. The team is authorized to find and stop an enemy, who wants to sell and spread a biological weapon to the highest bidder.

Shawn is concerned why Julian is there. Their history is complicated and Shawn doesn’t trust him. Again the relationship between Shawn and Connor is beautiful, sexy and loaded with heat. The love and trust they have attained Shawn worries can be broken with all Julian knows of his past; secrets he has still kept from Connor.

Ms. Miller you have done it again, giving us a palm sweating run, following this team to find the bad guys, hopefully beat the bad guys and pray to the heavens not have many lost. Where will it end? How will it end? And I ask…. Can Connor and Shawn survive after Shawn’s secret past is told? Wonderful Second Book…..more Please.”

Review by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild


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