The Writers Police Academy – Part Two

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The Writer’s Police Academy started off with a bang with a simulated drunk driving accident with police, fire and even Lifeflight helicopter!


Later on that first morning I got to do the most incredible thing I’ve pretty much ever done in my life – drive a squad car and do a PIT maneuver on a fleeing suspect’s vehicle! It was insane! And I was the first one in my class to do it successfully! Talk about a heart-pounding adrenaline rush! My instructor said I was a natural with fine motor skills. Ha!
If you don’t know what a police PIT maneuver is, it’s when the squad car pulls up next to the suspect’s vehicle and touches their front side bumper area to the area between the rear bumper and back tire on the suspect’s vehicle. You hit the accelerator and turn your wheel to the left and it causes the suspect’s vehicle to spin in a complete 360 degree circle and stop. It is NOT EASY. Cops go through hours and hours of training to get it right, because you only get one chance. And I nailed it in my first go! Woot!
Here are some photos of me in the PIT car and driving it that my instructor took of me and a couple of the cars in action being demonstrated for us before we all got behind the wheel:






Continued in Part Three!

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