Spend Memorial Day on the edge of your seat

Broken cover 6x9 SMALL

Spend your Memorial Day weekend on the edge of your seat with Connor and Shawn in my romantic suspense novel Broken Soldier, which just received another 5 STAR review!

Wow this story is very strong on the emotions. You couldn’t help but cry with them, and cheer with them.
This story is about Shawn Weller and Connor Finley, who work for Shadow Unit. They are both soldiers to the heart. But they also have a relationship between them. Everything gets thrown up in the air when they have a undercover assignment what will test their strengths and their relationship. Connor having to be a bodyguard for their target, who is a dealer in drugs and guns. And Shawn having to become the targets new boy toy, replacing the old.
This story is about how you have to find strength to fight addiction, and feeling weak. This story is so strong in emotion, that I couldn’t put it down. You had to know how it ended and if everything will be right with the world again. WTMO.

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