Fantastic 5 STAR review for Broken Soldier!


5 STARS for Broken Soldier! Thank you Gay Media Reviews!

This was quite a hard book to read, mainly due to what Shawn went through while on the undercover mission.  You also really felt for Connor who had to sit and watch what was happening, but knowing he could do nothing about it.  You realize the two men love each other, but neither has actually said that to the other. They both come across as the strong silent types.

Shawn and Connor were partners within the Shadow Unit, but also partners in life – although nobody they worked with knew.  They know each other so well, and seem to have a special close bond between them.  However, things change on their latest undercover op, as Shawn has to get up close and personal with the main target of their mission.  Shawn has to put all his feelings for Connor aside, to enable him to be bedded by his target, but he is also having to take drugs during this time, and although he doesn’t like it has to do it to keep his cover.

To me, it was hard to read Shawn taking the drugs, but you could understand why he was doing so but you also knew that he hated every minute of this operation.  You would also take visits down memory lane with Shawn when he was being bedded by the main target, so he could think of Connor and not react and push the man away. To me, it came across as Shawn thinking he was now dirty to Connor, but thinking of Connor was the only thing to keep him going.

Connor is watching from the side-lines, and hates what he sees happening to Shawn, but he cannot intervene as they are so close to completing the mission.  Connor and Shawn spend a night together when they think it will be safe, but someone working for the target sees them and then it is a race against time for Connor and the rest of the team, to get in to save Shawn who has been outed.

Can Connor manage to arrive in time to save Shawn?  Does Shawn actually want Connor to save him, or is he so unstable now that he feels death would be the better release?  Can the love that Connor feels for Shawn survive what has happened? 

Although I have said it was a hard book to read, I must say that I couldn’t put it down. I just had to keep reading to find out what happened to Connor and Shawn. 



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