4.5 STARS for Broken Soldier!

Broken Soldier Book cover


Another fantastic 4.5 STAR review for Broken Soldier from MM Book Escape!

Broken Soldier starts off with Shawn and Connor already a couple of 5-months, although hidden from their team, and part of the undercover ops called Shadow Unit for 4 years.

Going undercover is going to be risky for both Shawn and Connor. In order to put a stop to one of the worst drug and gun runners in the world, Jae Chan, they have no choice but to follow through.

Shawn’s mission is to get inside Jae’s home and bed, if necessary and Connor’s will be to work inside his club as security in order to gain inside information.

These two are soldiers, one was a Navy Seal, the other CIA, so this assignment should be easy. Get in there, get the information, and get out. But, as you can imagine, it did not work that way.

The author takes the story and runs away with it from here. She had me completely captivated with the story from the moment the mission began. I was on edge with a constant fear that something bad was going to happen. The plot was engaging and intense taking me right along with it and, often times, I had to remember to keep breathing.

It’s graphic, it’s brutal, it’s hard to read, it’s emotional, but it’s real. As Shawn gets in over his head, it’s so hard for Connor to watch from the sidelines. His first response is to pull the plug on the whole mission, but not only will that give away their relationship, it also allows Jae Chan to get away, and that can’t happen.

Shawn tries to convince his partner he’s fine, but he’s far from it. He’s immersed into drugs, alcohol, and sex, and his body is craving what is mind knows it shouldn’t.

To those who don’t want to look too far, the mission was a success, but for those who were there, there’s more than a broken soldier left behind. There’s also a broken partner trying to rebuild what they had before.

The author describes what I truly imagine substance withdrawal to be like. It’s a gut-wrenching reality and a painful look behind a real addiction.

I love the way Connor stands by Shawn with a fierce determination to help him through this hurdle and to show him their love is stronger than the addiction.

Overall, the story was intense, suspenseful, and kept my attention till the end. It can easily be read in one sitting and I enjoyed the author’s descriptive narrative and how she pulled me inside the story giving me a clear visual of the scene that was taking place. My only complaint, if I was to have one, was the ending wrapped up a little too fast and unexpectedly.


AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/zbbwpue
KOBO: http://tinyurl.com/job8hge
ARe: http://tinyurl.com/j5yx5on
SCRIBD: http://tinyurl.com/ze6nm5l
B&N: http://tinyurl.com/zghkqyr



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