Wonderful 4.5 STAR review of Broken Soldier!


Wonderful 4.5 STAR review of Broken Soldier!  Thank you, Carra!

Whoever thought up the phrase “light reading” sure did not have Broken Soldier in mind. With subject matter that is frankly a bit disturbing and characters who you will immediately become invested in, this is a serious, dramatic read that will take you into some very dark corners and tear you up a bit while you’re there.

As the story begins, our lead characters, Connor and Shawn, are headed undercover into what we already expect to be a very shady situation. The book’s synopsis already lets us know there’s drugs, sex and arms dealing…but what you’ll also find is the destruction of not just one but two men along the way. The story fully dragged me into the depths of their situation to the point where I was deeply troubled about the circumstances Connor and Shawn-particularly Shawn-were in. Honestly, if these types of undercover operations happen in the real world, I would find it utterly unconscionable that this would occur and be condoned.

The writing and storyline really grabs a hold of you and immerses you in this world. I can’t see anyone reading this and not being disturbed by what happens to Shawn as things spiral out of control for him. In addition, the way it affected Connor had my heart aching. While the op itself was full of suspense and drama, the aftermath as Shawn has to heal from what he went through is emotional, heart-wrenching and shows what not only an addict has to go through to get clean (even for a short stint of drug use), but how that also affects someone who loves them.

Both Shawn and Connor become broken by what happens, and they both help each other to overcome the consequences. Watching as events unfold had me riveted to the book, and suffering a bit of a book hangover once I was done.

4.5 disturbed stars for Broken Soldier. I’d recommend this to M/M romance fans who prefer their subject matter on the darker, more dramatic side. This is strictly for readers 18+ due to adult language, drug use and other illegal activities, and explicit M/M sexual content. This is the first time I’ve read one of this author’s books, and I’ve now added her entire backlist to my TBR list…fantastic work!



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