Another 5 STAR review for Broken Soldier!



The great 5 STAR reviews just keep coming!



on May 5, 2016


Broken Soldier is an awesome book. In fact, the four and five star reviews are rolling in. And they all agree it’s a dark read. But in some ways it’s not. Far be it for me to disagree with all the reviewers, but it’s really a light story with dark elements. No, wait! It’s a dark story with light elements. My point is, don’t let the “dark” scare you away. It has enough happy moments that it’ll be satisfying even if you’re like me and doesn’t usually enjoy darker stories. It has balance. It’s not unmitigated misery from start to finish. It showcases brave heroes doing heroic things. And seeing their commitments through for the greater good. The light moments are all the more sweet for the contrast with the dark. I loved reading Broken Soldier. Thanks for an awesome read, Jamie.

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