4.5 STAR review for Broken Soldier!


The great reviews for Broken Soldier continue! Many thanks to Tammy Smith at Love Bytes Reviews!



Broken Soldier is all about two dedicated soldiers Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller. Connor and Shawn have worked together for the last four years working covert ops for Shadow Unit – a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force and for the last five months their relationship has moved from friends/co-workers to lovers.

Connor and Shawn have been assigned to take down an arms dealer the only problem with that is the fact that Shawn has to literally get into bed with the enemy. To make sure the arms dealer doesn’t suspect anything Shawn has to take over the position of boyfriend/submissive of Yong Jae Chan, the local Chinese Triad leader. Yong prefers to go by “Jae”, Jae is just about the most ruthless arms/drug dealer in the Philippines. Whilst Shawn is cosying up to Jae, Connor has to get himself hired as a bouncer in Jae’s club, Club Pelangi, the top gay club in Chinatown. This turns out to be a far easier job than anyone thought and by the end of their first visit to Club Pelangi both Connor and Shawn are in their respective undercover positions.

The heartbreaking things Shawn has to do to gather the information to bring down Jae are not for the faint of heart. He has to partake in the drugs that are always on offer, although Jae uses them to control his “boyfriends” they are generally always there! Shawn also has to pretend to enjoy participating in sex with not only Jae but anyone Jae wants to see Shawn with. It doesn’t take long for Shawn to become addicted to heroin, always looking for his next fix and admittedly using it as a way to escape from what he is essentially being forced to do for the “job”.

While Shawn is falling further under the influence of the lifestyle of being an arms/drug dealer’s boyfriend, Connor has to watch him knowing exactly what Shawn is having to do to stay alive and knowing there isn’t a thing he can do to help him. In the end it comes down to whether Connor and Shawn can overcome their respective demons and come out the other end still together and still very much in love with each other!

If you’re a lover of military, gay romance story’s then this is definitely the one book you have to read but be warned this book is not a fluffy love story. This is a look at the dark side of life, there is a lot of drugs, alcohol, murder and rape so if you are sensitive to these topics please, just be aware that this book is full of them.

RATING:  LoveBytes_4.5Hearts





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