Another 4 STAR review for Broken Soldier!


Many thanks to Molly Lolly for the wonderful 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

“This book was so good and I really enjoyed it. Right from the start Connor and Shawn are in the middle of the deep end and your heart starts pounding because you can tell it’s not going to be easy catching the bad guy. These two were already together at the beginning of the story, though it hadn’t been for long. That tension of will they and their relationship survive is threaded throughout the story and it creates a tense atmosphere that is wonderful to read. Watching the bad guy get away with so much is so powerful to read and you can feel how it affects Shawn the longer he’s undercover.

The pacing is a bit quick where the total time in the story from start to end is roughly two and a half weeks. Though the toll it takes on Shawn and Connor it certainly feels longer for them because of the hurdles it forces them to overcome. I felt like an undercover operation of the magnitude I was lead to believe it was, should have taken longer. Granted much of the operation already happened at the start of the story. But the actual under cover aspect needed to be longer. I do get why it wasn’t because the redemption part of the story would have had to be longer as well due to circumstances Shawn dealt with while undercover. I really enjoyed Ms. Miller’s writing style and hope to read more of her books in the future.”


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