Wonderful 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier!

Broken Soldier Book cover

Got a fantastic 4 STAR review of Broken Soldier on Amazon tonight!
on April 22, 2016
Warning: Dark Read, Drug Use

This book was quite amazing despite it being a dark read. I don’t read these type of books on a regular basis but every once in a while the blurb catches my eye and I just have to read it. This was one of those.

This story was exceptional in its writing and in its plot. The author was able to make it a very convincing story and I couldn’t wait to read what came next. I can’t believe this is the first book I’ve read by this author. I immediate had a connection with Conner and Shawn and sometimes I cried for the situation Shawn was going through. Conner was clearly the rock that Shawn depends on and I was glad that Shawn had someone to hold and help him through the dark times. Jamie Lynn Miller was able to take this type of a story make it believable and most of all have an HEA in the end. This was an excellent book and would definitely recommend it.


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