5-Star review for Broken Soldier!

Broken Soldier Book cover


Whoo-hoo! Straight out of the gate and Broken Soldier already has a 5-star review! Thank you Gloria Lakritz and the PRG!


AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D95D5LS

5***** Stars

 Book: Broken Soldier

Author: Jamie Lynn Miller

Publisher: Lulu.com

Genre: M/M Romantic Thriller

Rated: Mature

Broken Soldier and Jamie Lynn Miller has given me first a good story and secondly some food for thought. Ms. Millers newest Broken Soldier is a stunning story of two partners in both love and job Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller are working for a joint covert ops anti -terrorism task force run through the UK and US. This called Shadow Unit.

The place is Kuala Lumpur, where the team is looking into the death of a local Triad leader Zhiang Chan. Their Commanding Officer Lt Col David MacDonald explaining the leaders son couldn’t wait for his father to age and die gracefully, killing him to take over the Triad and to expand into other areas his father didn’t get to.

The meeting is to put two of their own, deep under cover to gain the trust of the son YonjJae Chan.

Since Jae owns a top gay club, and Shawn and Connor are gay, they are being recruited to get up close to the leader and take him down. Connor is to get a job at the club to watch for deals and movement and Shawn will be the sex bait. This will certainly put a strain on them personally, since no one in the group knows they are a couple.

This is where I got the’ food for thought’ part of the book as I realized in this reading Broken Soldier, how dedicated some of our police, and all career people who do this type of work are and the toll it takes on their very souls. Shawn is asked to prostitute himself for the job, take drugs to ingratiate himself into the inner circle, whose main concern is nothing but their own pleasure and the owning of people.

Shawn has his job to do, get the bad guys while Connor watches in horror. No spoilers, just get the book and read it…..Powerful.


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