My story receives Honorable Mention at the Writer’s Police Academy!

I’ll have a longer blog post up hopefully tomorrow about my experience over the weekend at the Writer’s Police Academy but I wanted to share something exciting that happened at the dinner banquet on the last night.

I had entered the WPA’s 200 word short story contest and received Honorable Mention! Nearly fell off my chair when my name was announced. They usually receive a few hundred entries and the rules were crazy strict, so I’m over the moon. Now that the contest is over I thought I’d share my entry, which had to be based on the photo below of the two crypts and also have a surprise, twist ending. Enjoy!


** Anniversary by Jamie Lynn Miller **

I watch, unseen, the grieving mother walk away from the crypts, handkerchief pressed to her mouth. Mourning for her boys. Born on the same day. Died on the same day. She should take some comfort in that, knowing they were together.

I wonder when the day will come when I will no longer see her here, on this anniversary. I am surprised she still makes the pilgrimage after ten years.

Alone now, I kneel between the crypts, placing one hand on each. The stone is hard, rough beneath my palms, but warm from the sun. I take a deep, calming breath. The energy, the power I feel here each year flows through my body.

I reach out and trace my fingers over the names chiseled above the crosses – Tristan Grant…Malcolm Grant.

Crypts represent different things to people. A place where a soul is at rest, at peace. A place for the living to come to speak to the dead. A place to bury someone and never think of them again.

I have lost count with the others, but these two are special to me. Precious. Never to be forgotten.

They are trophies.

For they were my first two kills.


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