Citizen Police Academy – Week 11

Carol Stream CPA3

It was graduation night at police academy class! There was cake! And certificates! Can’t believe 11 weeks went by so fast. I’m definitely going to miss it. I made a couple of nice friends. Besides the cops. 🙂

The Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief of Police, the Deputy Mayor and a few officers were there to give little speeches. Mainly to thank all of us for our commitment to the class and how much they appreciate us being their liaisons, so to speak, with the general public. Getting the word out as to how the police department operates.

Then we all got our certificates and had yummy cake to celebrate. Then we took a class photo (which we’ll be getting emailed to us shortly). Afterwards we finally got a tour of the police department. Always thought that was strange, to save it for last instead of the first class.

It was time to say goodbye then. I’ll be seeing some of my classmates through the Volunteer program and others I’ll see when I go through the CERT training (Citizen Emergency Response Team) later on in October.

So that’s a wrap on the 2015 Carol Stream Citizen Police Academy! Thank you all for reading along these last few months and for your wonderful comments to my entries. 🙂

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