Ask Me Anything – Master Post


Now that December is over, so is my Ask Me Anything meme, so I thought I’d make a Master Post of all of the questions that were sent my way, and my answers. Let’s play Twenty Questions and get to know me!
ASK ME ANYTHING – Day One –  Jayden Brooks  wants to know what my absolute favorite, cannot live without, program is.

That would be Photoshop, hands down. I’ve been a graphic designer and photographer for the last 20 years, so that software is pretty much my life. Both for work and for personal projects. Heck, without it I couldn’t create all of my ebook covers! 🙂

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Two – Sue ChiTown  wants to know what my favorite part of my police class and was and what plot bunny did I walk away with?

Favorite part was the night on Forensics, for sure. Fascinating stuff. And my plot bunny came the night we were talking bout the SWAT team and the snipers. I suddenly had an idea where a sniper is given the go to take out the bad guy and just as he pulls the trigger an innocent person steps in the way and he kills them by accident. It pretty much destroys him and his life starts to fall apart from guilt and grief. In steps the police psychiatrist. He helps the sniper get himself back together and in the process they fall in love. Working title is Bullet to the Heart.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Three – Carly Rose wants to know if I lost my ability to express myself through words what form of expression would I choose and why?

As an artist, I’d have to choose either photography or glass making, both of which I do. There is so much freedom to create anything in either of those mediums to express any idea or thought I would have.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Four – Danny Brüggemann wants to know if I could make one of my books into a movie, who would I cast for my guys?

Ooooh, I would pick Burnin’ For You as the book and I’d cast Karl Urban as Lucas the fireman and Matt Bomer as Evan the paramedic. HOT! (excuse the pun)

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Five – Rachel Sparks wants to know how I felt meeting John Barrowman and if it gave me any ideas for a book.

I thought I was going to spontaneously combust! Seriously, that man defies words in person! And then when he picked me up and flipped me UPSIDE DOWN for my photo – yeah, I pretty much lost it at that point. 🙂  I haven’t yet patterned a character after John, but I need to!

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Six – Chris Sweeso wants to know what started my love of sci-fi/fantasy things and what is my favorite fandom?

I started down the sci-fi path at age 6 in 1977 when Star Wars was released. I was hooked! Since then I’ve enjoyed shows like the original Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Stargate, X-Files, Fringe, ST: Enterprise, Almost Human, etc. My favorite fandom is The Sentinel (1996-1999) which also has sci-fi elements as it’s about a cop with hyperactive senses.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Seven – Alexandra Thomas-Jones wants to know what ship in what fandom have I hated/ or do I still hate the most, and what ship in what fandom have you received the most hate for loving?

Oooh, that would be Mulder/Krycek from X-Files for sure! I NEVER understood that pairing at ALL! They hated one another! And yet it was HUGE in that fandom! Nope, sorry, it was all about Mulder/Skinner for me. As for the reverse, yes, I always liked Fraser/Ray V in Due South fandom and people look at me like I had two heads, since everyone else loved Fraser/Ray K.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Eight – Saxon Hawke wants to know who I would cast in a reboot of Stargate Atlantis.

Oh, hard one!!  Let’s see –

Sheppard – Jensen Ackles
Teyla – Morena Baccarin
McKay – Alan Tudyk
Ronon – Christian Kane
Weir – Gillian Anderson
Beckett – Jamie Bamber
Zelenka – Felicia Day (sorry, had to do some gender swapping there!)

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Nine – Veronica Rundell wants to know what is my take on setting? Prefer contemporary v. Fantasy v. Sci-fi? And why.

I prefer contemporary – to write, at least. Mainly because I’m just getting my feet wet in sci-fi and I’m not very confident in my world-building abilities. So I like to stick with present-day. But reading? I’ll read all three genres. And historical, too. I’m an equal opportunity reader!

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Ten – Amy Oatley wants to know if I could be the executive producer and/or writer for a TV show on TV now, what show would it be and would I change any of the actor/actresses?

Because I’ve been so disappointed with Supernatural for so long, I’d reboot the hell out of that show. I’d get rid of Sam (kill him off, dump him in Hell – or Heaven if I’m in a good mood) and have Dean rescue Benny from Purgatory. They’d hit the road with Cas in the backseat, who has lost his grace and is back to being a human on a permanent basis. No more angel/demon story lines. We take it back to the start and what made the show so popular – hunting monsters. I’d bring ghosts into it, with the spirits of John, Mary, Bobby, Ellen, Ash, Pamela, etc popping up. I’d still have a season “mythology”, something personal that effects Dean, Benny or Cas (like the Mark of Cain, I’m enjoying that plot). I’d also bring in pretty much every Vancouver actor I’ve ever liked as guest stars, either monsters or hunters. I’d turn the Men of Letters bunker into a much better version of the Roadhouse. So…who wants to put me in charge of the new and improved version of Supernatural? 🙂

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Eleven – Jason Mitchell wants to know what kind of cars I’ve owned.

Very few actually! I inherited my parents Buick Skylark as my very first car, then I had a Camaro, then a Mustang, then a Jeep and now a Caliber. I truly miss my sports cars and I know I’ll be trading in the Caliber for another one!

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Twelve – Paula Morrell wants to know what research did I do for writing the sex scenes in my books?

LOL! Let’s get right to the heart of it, shall we? 🙂  Fanfic was my first exposure to all things m/m related. I made contacts there that I could ask questions to, including one amazing gay man who wanted straight women to be realistic in their writing, so he encouraged us to ask him anything. He was such a fantastic source of information. He even put together a website! I credit him for getting me started on the right track. And then came the…adult videos. Hey, I wanted to see things in action, in living color! 😉

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Thirteen –  Annie Walton wants to know If I could be any cartoon character who would I like to be?

I think I’d have to go with Scooby Doo. He’s always been my favorite since I was a kid. He didn’t really speak, but he was always the smartest one around! So what’s yours, Annie?

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Fourteen – Erin Shea wants to know if I was going to be swept into the reality of one of my favorite shows, which show would I pick and why?

Oh wow, that’s a hard one! So many to choose from! I think I’d have to go back to my roots, to my first fandom and choose The X-Files. What I wouldn’t give to be standing alongside Mulder and Scully investigating aliens and creatures that go bump in the night!

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Fifteen – Elizabeth Noble wants to know what real life experiences crop up in your books?

Oh lots! Though I’d call them “real life research” instead. For my books Burnin’ for You and Where There’s Smoke, I spent 12 weeks with my local fire department. I did everything from ride-alongs to going up in the snorkel to using the Jaws of Life to rolling hose to going in an actual burn tower. For my books Out of the Shadows and Memory’s Prisoner, I spent just as many weeks with my local police departments. Especially with the K-9 unit. Too bad I couldn’t do any actual research for my sci-fi book An Endless Sea of Stars. Would’ve loved to have gone up in outer space! LoL!

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Sixteen – Vanessa Sims wants to know what inspired me to write m/m romances. Why this genre out of all of them to pick from?

I have fan fiction to thank for my m/m writing career. 🙂  Back when I was huge into X-Files I came across a story marked “Mulder/Skinner slash”. I had no idea what that meant but boy am I glad I decided to take a chance and read it! My eyes were opened to the m/m world and I’ve never looked back. I decided to try my hand at writing m/m fanfic that eventually spanned across five different fandoms. Then my friend Gina   gave me a nudge and said that I should try my hand at writing m/m professionally. And the rest is history! 🙂

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Seventeen – Gina Grant wants to know what I think about paranormal – vampires and witches and the like. Read it? Hate it?

I’m not so much into vampires and werewolves. Witches are cool, though, along with fairies, ghosts, any kind of mind control/telekinesis. Especially ghosts if I’m going to read paranormal. Mainly because I believe in an afterlife and would desperately love to see a ghost myself! Closest I’ve come is capturing an “orb” on film when I was in a cemetery in New Orleans.

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Eighteen – Sherrie Henry wants to know what do I prefer, the graphic arts or the writing?

At this point in my life the writing, for sure. After 20 years in the graphic design field I’m burned out. If I could write full time and also design ebook covers I’d be one happy camper. But alas, I’ve not won the lottery or become a self-made millionaire so that I can quit my day job. 😦

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Nineteen – Chris DeMent Mistele wants to know where are we going on our next big travel extravaganza?

Pack your bags for Vancouver in April, baby! Say hello to FanExpo! 🙂

ASK ME ANYTHING – Day Twenty – Piper Vaughn wants to know what’s my biggest goal for next year, writing or otherwise?

Writing wise it’s to finally write a novel. I’ve gotten close with 45,000 words but I’ve never been able to crack 50,000. But I know I’ve got it in me!

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