A 5-STAR review for Memory’s Prisoner!


Many thanks to Carly Rose for a fantastic 5-STAR review of Memory’s Prisoner!

“After years of working together as part of Chicago’s S.W.A.T. team, Mitch and Joey finally acknowledge their mutual attraction and make their partnership as perfect at home as it is on the job.  Together they are able to fill their down time with much needed love an laughter, but their happiness doesn’t last long.

Mitch is able to adapt to his own injuries after a bust goes bad, but Joey’s memory loss is heart-breakingly traumatic for him to bear. Unwilling to leave his partner alone, Mitch is determined to stay by Joey’s side for as long as it takes.  For him, their love is unforgettable and it is enough to just be close to the beautiful man who holds his heart. After years of waiting for Joey’s memories to return, Mitch’s love is stronger than ever but his hope is almost gone.
MEMORY’S PRISONER is a well written combination of action, suspense, drama and romance. The chemistry between Joey and Mitch is undeniable, but the challenges their relationship faces are enough to break my heart. I read MEMORY’S PRISONER in a single sitting. Jamie’s deeply moving characters and detailed story development simply captured my heart.”
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