Ask Me Anything!

ASK ME ANYTHING!  Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic. I’m going to say anything goes – TV, movies, books, music, fandom, fictional characters, actors, writing – or real life (if you touch something I don’t want to talk about, I’ll tell you and you can pick something else). Whatever comes to mind! First person to sign up can choose my birthday!

1st Dec:
2nd Dec:
3rd Dec:
4th Dec:
5th Dec:
6th Dec:
7th Dec:
8th Dec:
9th Dec:
10th Dec:
11th Dec:
12th Dec:
13th Dec:
14th Dec:
15th Dec:
16th Dec:
17th Dec:
18th Dec:
19th Dec:
20th Dec:
21st Dec:
22nd Dec:
23rd Dec:
24th Dec:
25th Dec:
26th Dec:
27th Dec:
28th Dec (It’s my birthday!):
29th Dec:
30th Dec:
31st Dec:


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