Police Academy – Week 7 and Graduation

Gosh, hard to believe that last night was my final citizens police academy class. Seven weeks have just flown by!

Before graduation we had our final speaker, Detective Burrell, who took us through Interviews and Interrogations.

There are five different categories that a detective can specialize in: Homicide, Burglary, Financial Fraud, Sex Offense and Juvenile.

The interrogation room is completely bare (table, chairs, no windows). The detectives minimize what they put on the table (aka paperwork) because it’s distracting and the suspect wants to read it. They’ve discovered if the suspect doesn’t eat or drink what’s offered they’re most likely guilty. Also, a guilty person will actually fall asleep in the room while they’re waiting. It’s perfectly acceptable to lie to a suspect about what evidence you have against them but they have to be careful about doing that. If the police say they have fingerprints and the suspect knows he was wearing gloves, they’ll call your bluff and you’ve lost the confession.

A “show up” is a physical line up in person where the victim or witness tries to identify the suspect
A “line up” are photographs that are shown to a victim or witness

The good cop/bad cop routine is actually used! Not just something you see on TV. And it works! Also cell phone records and social media are used all the time to catch people. Especially Facebook.

I asked if there was an interview/interrogation he did that stood out in his mind as being memorable. I was expecting a humorous story but instead it was sad. We had a murder in our town of a small child a few years ago. It was horrible. He caught the case and did the interview. Just listening to what this man did to this child was sickening but you cannot show any emotion while in the room with the suspect. And inside he was just so disgusted and torn up. That case really took a toll on him.

Then came our pizza party and graduation. The Chief of Police was back along with several of our instructors. The Chief went to each of us and asked us to say what we enjoyed about the class, if there was anything we would’ve liked to have done. One thing that we all said was that we wished the class was longer! They’re thinking about doing a Police Academy 2 with different topics for those of us who have completed this session. That would be awesome!

We got our certificates then from the Chief and the Watch Commander along with a totally cool pin that looks like a little police badge. We also got a book and a coffee mug. Then we had cake! We had individual photos taken as we got our certificates and then a class group photo. Those are going to be emailed to us soon. I’ll post them when I get them.

Hope all of you enjoyed my posts these last several weeks! And maybe learned a few things about the police department. 🙂

Police Academy cake-small Police Academy certificate-small Police Academy pin-small Police Academy sign-small


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