Cover reveal – part 4

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day this week I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book.

Stars puzzle 4


Toby sighed. “Tell me about it, sir. You’re a long way from Alliance HQ yourself. What brings you to the Keys?”

Flynn set a data pad down on the counter. “I’m actually here to complete my dive certification.”

Toby’s jaw dropped. “You’re kidding me! You’re looking at your instructor, sir.”

“Well I know I’m in good hands, then,” Flynn smiled warmly, holding Toby’s gaze and Toby felt a tiny flip-flop in his stomach. He swallowed and looked down, busying himself with the pad on the counter.

He touched the screen and flipped through the documents. “So…umm, why complete your certification out here, sir? There is an ocean just off the coast of California,” he grinned.

Flynn shrugged. “Heard the diving down here was excellent. And just…wanted to get away from the Alliance for a few days. Speaking of which, since we’re both off-duty, so to speak, call me Cade, okay?”

Toby nodded. “Okay, then, call me Toby.”

He looked back down at the pad. “I see you passed your academics with flying colors, not to mention your confined water dives, si—er, Cade,” Toby commented, finding it a bit strange to address the Commander by a nickname but enjoying it just the same. He looked back up. “I’m impressed! I don’t see scores like this too often, especially on someone’s first try.”

Cade shrugged. “What can I say? I’m an over-achiever.”

“Well you shouldn’t have any problem with the open water portion, then. We’ll need to schedule five dives.”

Cade looked thoughtful. “I guess I’ll have to do this in stages, then. I’m only down here for another two days. But I get a long weekend once a month. Can we schedule one for tomorrow then a couple for next month and the following one as well?”

“Sure, sure, we can do that,” Toby replied, reaching for the pad with the dive schedules.

“Does that mean you’ll still be down here in August?” Cade inquired and Toby paused at the hopeful note in Cade’s voice.

“Umm, yeah, actually. I’ll be here ‘til the 15th.”



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