Cover reveal – part 3

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day this week I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book.

Stars puzzle 3


Toby nodded. “He’s completed the academics and confined water work?”

“Says he has, but not from me. Need you to go over his paperwork, get him signed up for his first dive.”

“Can do, boss!” Toby saluted jokingly

“I see the Alliance is finally making you treat your elders with respect,” Hank winked, then hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “Gotta get back to the tourists. Holler if you need anything.”

“Yes, boss!” Toby replied with a smirk then turned and sat at the desk behind the counter, his back to the front of the store. He had no more than begun to shuffle through the mess of data pads on Hank’s desk, looking for at least the name of the guy he’d be teaching to scuba dive, when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. Toby stood and turned around, blinking and doing his second double-take of the day at the man that stood before him. He was in his mid-30’s, short brown hair, dressed in faded blue cargo pants and a gray Henley t-shirt, with aviator style sunglasses perched on the top of his head.

“Excuse me,” the man said. “I’m – “

“Commander Flynn!” Toby burst out. Eyes wide, he stepped forward and nearly tripped on the leg of the chair as he extended his hand.

Caden Flynn tipped his head to the side as he shook Toby’s hand. “Have we met?”

“Yes! I mean, no! I mean…” Toby fell over his words before taking a breath. “Lieutenant Tobias Dekker, sir. You were a guest lecturer at my advanced engineering class last semester. Amazing speech, sir.”

Flynn grinned. “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Alliance, eh? What are you doing down here, working at a dive shop?”

“Oh, I’m from Florida, sir,” Toby answered. “I’ve finished all my courses and I’m awaiting my orders. Sort of on my summer vacation.”

Flynn nodded. “Been there myself. The waiting’s the hardest part, wondering where you’re going to be assigned.”



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