Cover reveal – part 2

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day this week I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book!

Stars puzzle 2


They truly came in peace, as cliché as it sounded. They felt that Earth was technologically advanced enough now to make first contact and wished to explore diplomatic relations.

Flash forward fifteen years to today, 2121. Thanks to a successful relationship with the large, brown-furred cat-like Malorians, Earth now had contact with over a dozen different alien species. Diplomatic and economic agreements were made and trade between worlds began to flourish.

The Malorians also became scientific advisors and helped form a new Earth agency, the Intergalactic Exploration Alliance. It was dedicated to the advancement of the Gemini project, to eventually break the fourth light speed barrier and get spacecraft beyond our own solar system. The second barrier had been broken. Once the StarDrive engine broke the final barrier Earth would be on its way to the far edges of the universe. It would be a momentous time in Earth’s history.

“Well look what the cat dragged in!” a voice boomed from the back of the store, pulling Toby from his musings.

Toby smiled broadly at the friendly greeting as he walked up to the counter, sticking out his hand to the man behind it. One look at Hank Hanley and you’d immediately know he was the owner. Tall and broad, with salt and pepper hair tied back in a pony-tail that tried to disguise his true age of fifty-six, with a skull and crossbones tattooed on the upper arm of his deeply tanned skin. Hanley was a sailor through and through.

“Hey, Hank!” The two men grasped hands warmly and Toby was pulled into a one arm hug over the top of the counter.

“Great to see you, kid,” Hank smiled. “Been too long.”

Toby came around behind the counter. “Well you’ve got me for awhile this time.”

“I’ll have to send the Alliance a thank you note ‘cause business is booming and I could really use the help.”

“Well put me to work, then! Been too long since I’ve been out in the water.”

Hank clapped Toby on the shoulder. “Funny you should say that ‘cause I’ve got you down for an open water dive certification consultation this morning. Guy should be here shortly.”



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