Cover reveal – part 1

Thought I’d do something fun this time around for my cover reveal for my new sci-fi novella. Each day for the next six days I’ll reveal one puzzle piece at a time, along with a piece of the first chapter. By Friday evening you’ll have the full cover and the full first chapter of the book.

Stars puzzle 1


The Florida sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky as twenty-three year old Tobias Dekker made his way down the boardwalk, adjusting the collar of one of his many colorfully patterned shirts, his flip-flops smacking against the weather-beaten wood.

Another day in paradise, he thought, looking up as a shuttlecraft buzzed by overhead, coming from one of the resorts, heading to the landing pad here at the marina.

A few more steps and Toby pulled open the door to Captain Hook’s Fishing Charter and Dive Center, taking off his sunglasses and tucking them into his shirt pocket. He ran a hand through his short blond hair, his blue eyes scanning around the interior of the shop. He inhaled deeply, a smile crossing his face at the familiar smell of the ocean that permeated even inside. Hook’s had been his home away from home throughout most of his teenage and young adult years. It meant even more to him now that he was living on the other side of the country in San Francisco and didn’t make it down here as often as he wished.

He made his way toward the front counter, weaving through the many tourists, both human and alien, who were browsing the scuba and fishing equipment, eager to start their ocean adventure here in the Keys. Toby couldn’t help but do a double-take at a species he’d only seen on holo vids. He hadn’t realized that the small, orange-skinned Woldun had begun visiting Florida.

He smiled and shook his head. It shouldn’t surprise him. So many things had changed in the last fifteen years. He’d only been eight years old in 2106 when the first alien species made contact with Earth. That was two years after manned space flight broke free of both the Earth’s and the moon’s orbit and struck out into the Milky Way. All thanks to the StarDrive engine and the Gemini prototype spacecraft. Eighteen months later astronauts had visited all nine planets and then explored nearly every corner of the Milky Way. Plans were made to begin construction of a NASA base on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

Alien enthusiasts all over the planet were crushed to receive absolute proof that there was no other intelligent life in our solar system. But their disappointment soon turned to absolute joy when an alien spaceship appeared in the sky above California. The Malorians had arrived.


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