Fiction Friday with Bru Baker

I’d like to welcome to my blog today author Bru Baker, here to talk about her newest release, Finding Home, book two in the Dropping Anchor series. Take it away, Bru!

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Thanks for inviting me to your corner of the internet, Jamie Lynn! I’ve been making the rounds promoting my newest release, Finding Home, which is book two in the Dropping Anchor series.

It’s a very different book than the first one, Island House. There’s a lot less angst, for starters. (There’s still a bit…I can’t help myself! I like to make them work for their HEA.) There’s also a lot more humor, and another very important difference—there’s a kid.

I have two kiddos, so writing a book where children factor into the plot wasn’t too far-fetched for me. How someone interacts with kids is pretty telling about their personality, I think, so using kids as a plot device to get to know a character has always been something I’ve wanted to try.

In Finding Home, we see Ian, a self-professed playboy who has been pretty lax on responsibilities over the last few years, start volunteering with a group of at-risk kids. He’s very skeptical about it at first, but he soon finds that relating to kids isn’t quite as difficult as he’d anticipated. Being responsible for someone else’s safety and growth does good things for Ian, helping him grow up a bit himself.

I have seven-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl, so a lot of six-year-old Leo’s dialogue and antics was inspired by them. There’s a scene where Ian is babysitting and nearly kills himself on a Lego minefield, and that’s definitely a case of fiction mirroring fact. I probably have a permanent imprint of the Lego logo somewhere on the bottom of my foot. * g*

The next book in the series follows Frank and Warner, a couple we meet in Finding Home, as they struggle with the question of whether or not to adopt. So it’s tangentially a kid book, but more focused on how the decision to have a child changes a couple and how fraught (and rewarding) the process can be. I’m hoping for a fall release on that one, and it will conclude the Dropping Anchor series. I have mixed feelings about that—I’ve really loved getting to spend time with all the characters, following all of them through their emotional journeys to stability and love. On the other hand, I’m excited to move on and start getting to know some new guys!


When an inheritance fell in Ian Mackay’s lap, he fled the high-pressure banking industry and didn’t look back. Since then, he’s spent four years living carefree on the island of Tortola, his life a series of hookups and hanging out with friends.

After his best friend moves to Seattle and gets married, Ian finds himself lost. His unapologetic existence doesn’t hold the same appeal, and he wonders if he’s throwing his life away. After visiting Niall in Seattle, Ian decides to stay, but that means taking his life off hold and finding a real job. Meeting Luke Keys, who is about as far from a player as possible, isn’t the plan but might be just what Ian needs. Luke and his values intrigue Ian, and he pursues Luke ruthlessly until Luke agrees to a date.

Their courtship sweeps Ian off his feet, and when the relationship gets complicated, Ian has the chance to cut and run. Habits born from years of being on his own are hard to shake, and self-proclaimed playboy Ian must decide if love is worth fighting for.


Finding Home is available through Dreamspinner Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomance, and other book retailers.


Bru Baker is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. Fiction makes her happiest, whether it’s creating her own characters or getting caught up in someone else’s. She and her husband live in the Midwest with their two young children, whose antics make finding time to write difficult but never let life get boring.

Visit Bru online at or follow her on Twitter.

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