Wonderful reviews for Burnin’ for You


I’ve received several very positive reviews of Burnin’ for You that I wanted to share:

“Miller blends blistering M/M sex scenes with a truly tender love story that is emotional and real. The firehouse scenes and three action-packed, edge of your seat incidents Station 127 handles are just amazing. Miller writes these scenes as deftly as she does the often emotionally bruising love scenes in which Lucas struggles with the idea opening his heart once again.”

– Dark Divas Reviews


“Miller hits a home run with the tension and action at the end. It’s difficult to describe without spoilers, but the emotional and technical balance as well as the quick pace keeps you flipping the pages until the resolution.”

– Whipped Cream Reviews


“There is nothing sexier than watching firemen perform their duties, and Jamie Lynn Miller gives us a prime view of the men doing what they do best. This is a wonderful story about losing love and second chances for a new beginning in life. If you have a thing for those men who know how to put out a fire, then you will definitely enjoy Burnin’ for You.”

– Fallen Angel Reviews


“Hot sex, unwilling emotions, angst, adventure…Burnin’ for You has it all. The writing is near perfect and I can’t wait to read more from Jamie Lynn Miller.”

–  Manic Readers


Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/meeg88g

LuLu (Paperback and epub): http://tinyurl.com/ndxvae7

Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/nsed4d3


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