One step closer to self-publication

Got confirmation last night from LuLu that Out of the Shadows has been successfully converted to an .epub format. Yay! I took a look at it and they did a great job.

It’s already for sale on their site and in the next few days it will be available on the iBookstore and also Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

LuLu also offers actual print editions as well that I want to take advantage of. As much as I like ebooks, I still love to have real books, and I know many others do, too.

Now that I have an ISBN and the .epub I can now get it uploaded to Amazon myself. I created my Author Central page the other night so I’m all set there.

Once it’s available everywhere I’ll post all the buy links. I’m so excited!

Now comes the hard part – marketing. I need to get some blog spots scheduled. I’ve made quite a few contacts with my fellow Dreamspinner authors. I’m hoping a few of them wouldn’t mind hosting me to help me promote the book. Going to need all the help I can get!

Oh, and I finally came up with a tagline for myself. Since nearly all of my books have to do with the police, fire department or paramedics I decided on: “Men in uniform…and out”

Clever, eh? 😉


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