A kiss from Mitch and Joey for Valentine’s Day

Thought it would be a perfect day to post a snippet from Memory’s Prisoner for Valentines Day. 🙂


Joey leaned forward, head tipping slightly to the side, eyes sliding almost closed. His breath was soft against Mitch’s face as he whispered, “This should have happened as soon as I opened my eyes.”

Then his lips were on Mitch’s.

Mitch opened his senses wide, letting the taste, feel, smell, sight, and sound of Joey explode through his system at this first, intimate contact in two years. He felt Joey’s tongue dart out to sweep across his bottom lip, seeking entrance, which was given instantly with a dual groan of pure desire. Their tongues slid smoothly against each other, dueling, velvet heat on velvet heat.

Mitch’s hands grasped Joey’s waist, pulling him from the chair, tumbling them both to the ground. Joey was half on, half off Mitch’s lap, legs tangled with legs, strong hands buried in long hair, smaller hands gripping tightly to clothing. The kiss deepened, passion and desire climbing higher and higher, each man now clinging desperately to each other and to the love they both thought had been lost forever.

Joey’s hands cupped Mitch’s face and he started, surprised to find moisture there. He pulled back from the kiss, opening his eyes. Blue eyes identical to his own stared back, bright with tears.

“I love you, Joey….”

“I love you too. God, Mitch, so much.”

Mitch crushed Joey to him, face buried in the smaller man’s shoulder, his breathing rapid. “I was so afraid I’d never hear you say that again.”

Joey ran his left hand through the short strands of his lover’s hair, while his right rubbed up and down the broad back. “Until today, I felt like part of me was still in the coma, like part of my brain was still sleeping. But now…” he tilted Mitch’s face up. “Now I know I’m really awake.” He smiled and kissed Mitch once again. “And ready to make more memories.”


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