5 out of 5 stars to Stripped Clean by Ellis Carrington

SUMMARY: Carlos O’Shea is stuck. He knocked up a girl in college after a night of too much drinking and then married her to be honorable. With little money, fewer options, and no degree, he winds up cleaning the floors in a small town gentlemen’s club and thinking desperate thoughts about the handsome owner that’ll lead to nothing but trouble.

Greg Moorehouse only invested in a nudie bar to help his best buddy out of a financial crisis. Now his drug-dealing ex-boyfriend, his reverend father, and a parade of surgically-enhanced DDs are driving him insane. But what’s really stripped him of all good sense is his growing obsession with his married employee, Carlos.

They circle each other in a push-pull of misunderstandings and growing attraction. Carlos needs to get his boss out of his head, and Greg can’t abide cheaters and married men. So what are a strip-club owner and the guy who cleans for him going to do with their undeniable desires?

Words can’t describe how much I love stories where one obstacle after another is thrown in front of the characters. And this story has that in spades. By the time they finally get together you’re cheering for them SO hard and it ends up being well worth the wait.

Carlos and Greg seem to come from two different planets – one is a business man and the other a janitor. Or so it seems. But just like all you see is the tip of the iceberg in the water, there’s so much more below the surface with these two men. They both have so much baggage that it would take up the entire cargo hold of an airplane. They’re both trapped by circumstances and family issues that they think they can’t change or break away from. They have so much more in common than either of them realizes.

But when they finally DO, after many fits and starts and misunderstandings (and a few kisses) they realize they can rely on each other for strength. And love and comfort above all else. Life will probably always have some bumps along the way for Greg and Carlos but together it’s nothing they can’t handle. And that’s the kind of uplifting ending I love.

Bottom line – if you’re a fan of well written contemporary romance with well rounded characters that will pull at your heartstrings then Stripped Clean is the book for you.

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