Five Heart review from MM Good Book Reviews!

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I am truly amazed at Jamie’s gift of storytelling. The ability to give me two characters who make me just want to grab them both and love them. This story had danger, action, and excitement in it. I love the abilities they have to overcome all their problems and come out stronger for it. To have someone love you so much that they will stand by you and wait for you to come back to them no matter how long. She has given me an insight into a wonderful world. A perfect story that made me feel something that I hadn’t felt in quite a while.
Mitchell and Joseph were best friends, partners on the job and lovers. They love each other with their last breath. When Joey is injured and is a coma, Mitchell is so scared to lose the one man he loves more than anything in the world. He blames himself, but he knows that he will do whatever he needed to do when Joey comes out of the coma after two long years. Even if it meant to only be friends. To be so strong to survive something that should have killed a normal person shows his strengths. These men are so loving, caring, loyal, and tender to each other it would make you smile all day long.
This story made me cry, smile, and laugh. It was one of the best stories I have read in so long. It gave me so many feelings that I hadn’t felt in a long time by just reading a story. To overcome such pain and helplessness is amazing in itself. This story comes off so real that it makes me cry for those who go through something like this. To watch someone you love more than yourself struggle to survive and get stronger overcoming all odds is…I don’t even know the word for it. I wish that I had this in my life, but being able to read this story is better than any story I had read in a while. I hope that you would get this book, because it will bring it to your attention and make you feel something you haven’t felt in your life. I am proud to have read this story and glad to have it in my favorites. I definitely recommend this story.


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