Juggling, juggling…

Gosh I seem to suddenly have a lot of ebook balls in the air at the moment! Not that that’s a bad thing. 🙂

Let’s see, here’s what I’ve got happening:

• My very first author interview will be posted this Friday, November 22nd. I’ve got everything written up that I need to for that one.

• I’ve got a guest author blog spot coming up on Wednesday, December 4th to coincide with the release of Memory’s Prisoner. Just finished writing up everything for that one and submitted it last night.

• I’m taking part in a holiday calendar blog on Tuesday, December 17th. I still need to get everything together for that. But this should be fun. Even though Memory’s Prisoner takes place in the summer months I’ve got a Christmas tree in there. So for my blog spot I’m going to write a short snippet with Mitch and Joey that takes place right after the end of MP with the tree. The perfect tie-in with the holiday season and the release of my book!

• Looking for one more guest author blog spot for December. Shouldn’t be too difficult as I’m finding the Dreamspinner author community is quick to offer up spots when someone needs it. After I get through December I’m planning on returning the favor and opening up my own blog to my fellow authors.

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