New ebook – the edits have arrived. Drum roll, please…

So wow, Dreamspinner wasn’t kidding when they said the editing process on Memory’s Prisoner would start on September 18th. When I got home from work last night there it was, in my email!

Needless to say, I was on pins and needles and almost avoided opening it. But in the end, I was worrying for nothing. 🙂

The edits are very simple and straight forward. About 95% is all grammatical stuff. The rest – they literally want me to rewrite four sentences. That’s it! And it’s nothing that I don’t agree with. Can’t tell you how good this makes me feel as an author, that my writing is strong enough and doesn’t need to be completely picked apart. Love the confidence it gave me.

Have to share one of the comments they left me, at the end of one of the chapter breaks: “Dang, you’ve got me crying here! This is good stuff. [smiley face]” Woot!

So I’ve got until the 24th to accept or reject the edits and return the manuscript. I’m hoping that because my edits were so easy that perhaps the release date of my book will get bumped up. [fingers crossed]

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