Out of the Shadows



45,000 words


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For K-9 Officer Shane Walker, transferring from the Tulsa police department to the elite L.A.P.D. was a dream come true. He nearly forgets he’s in Hollywood until he responds to a 911 call that brings him to the home of actor Tyler Donovan.

It appears that Tyler has it all – a career that’s on fire and a loving, long-term relationship with his partner, Alex. But then Shane uncovers the truth that Tyler had been trying to hide, and the illusion comes crashing down.

Can Shane help Tyler break free of a life he’s convinced he deserves before it’s too late, and in the process help them both find love?

Out of the Shadows excerpt

Shane arrived at Tyler’s house hours later, after being reamed out by Nick, still no less furious with the other man. He could’ve called, like Tyler asked, but what he had to say needed to be said face-to-face.

Tyler must’ve heard his truck pull up, for he was standing with the front door open as Shane walked up the steps. He brushed by Tyler and stood in the living room, hands on his hips.

“Shane – ”

“What were you thinking?!” Shane yelled, cutting Tyler off.

“I wasn’t!” Tyler yelled back, fire in his blue eyes. “I just reacted! You needed help!”

“That’s why I’ve got Chase!”

“He’s not a human, Shane!” Tyler countered. “You needed another pair of hands! I couldn’t just sit there and watch you wrestle with him!”

Shane took a step toward Tyler, his body vibrating with anger and suppressed fear. “He had a gun, Tyler! What if he’d have had it on him and turned around and started shooting? What if he would’ve shot you? I can’t -” his voice broke and he felt himself start to shake. “I can’t lose you!” He swallowed thickly around the lump in his throat, taking another step toward Tyler as the other man did the same. They met halfway and Shane crushed his mouth to Tyler’s, pouring out his fear and love in the demanding kiss.

Things started escalating in the blink of an eye. Tyler’s arms wound around Shane, holding tightly, hands gripping Shane’s t-shirt, trying to get their bodies even closer together. One of Shane’s hands cupped the back of Tyler’s head while the other went around his waist. Shane was still shaking, the fear being replaced by desire and anticipation now, like everything was about to change.

Tyler must’ve felt it too, his mouth demanding against Shane’s, his tongue sliding hard against Shane’s own. This was by far the most aggressive, passionate kiss they’d ever shared, Shane’s head dizzy with it as their mouths crashed together again and again.

“Ty…” Shane whined into the kiss, pleading. “Need you…”


…to be continued in the story

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